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  Hints and Tips for: Magic Farm 
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 Magic Farm Cheats

Magic Farm

When you are about to leave a farm, don't forget to sell all (or most)
of the plants. The money you'll get will make the start at the following 
farm much easier. Try to purchase at the first day on a farm as many 
plants as possible (e.g. 2 bells and 2 strawberries on farm 2 or 1 fire 
plant, 2 ferns and 2 tigerblooms on farm 4).
It is possible to leave farm 2 at the end of the tenth day.
Purchase more valuable plants as soon as you can afford it. You can consider 
selling unique plants of a less valuable species to get the amount of money 
you need. (e.g. on farm 3 the pineapple plants tend to grow very fast. 
You can sell one single Unique Pineapple to purchase your first nopal plant.)

You will need at least two baskets on each farm. At some farms you may want 
to consider purchasing a third basket. (It might not be necessary on farm 2 
and 4 but on farm 3 it will definitely help).

Robin and harvesting:
Robin doesn't care which flower he will pick next. He can be stopped picking 
flowers with the right mouse button. Nevertheless Robin is a bit risky.
During the game you often need one special, unique flower. So try to be fast 
and harvest those plants which produce this special blossom. You will increase 
the occurrence of this unique flower. E.g. You need several pink crystals to 
complete one of the four bouquets in the flower shop. During the day try to 
pick all flowers of the flame plants as fast as possible.

Tips and Tricks:
Go to your program folder (in my case: C:Program FilesMagic Farmconfig) and 
edit the config.cfg.xml file.

Change the folowing from "false" to "true"


If you have done this start the game and the folowing keys will be working:

When you start the game go to the first town, there you can instantly click 
on the prince or the girl to activate any farms and or cities.
In town view:

M = Increases 100 money.
C = Change display.
Z = Resets money to 0.
In farm view:
W = shows grid.
I = shows current wave and current group.
O = Shows another Grid
V = Shows the dragon's path and the bug's path.
F2 = Shows Perf results.
F3 = Shows frames.
F8 = Shows Video stats.
F11 = Make a Snapshot.

-When you advance to the 3rd farm, you lose your money, so there is no need 
to save extra cash. If your cash and assets together are at least $5000, 
sell everything and advance to the 3rd farm.

-You can see the capacity of the warehouse and the barrels by pressing the 
'c' key.

-One simple tip to save money if you haven't noticed:
Let Robin, the little dragon, do the watering coz it does not count (you 
won't have your water being deducted). You can save money from buying water 
and even purchasing a new barrel.

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