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 Magic Stones Cheats

Magic Stones

Tips and Tricks:
Submitted by: RM

Once you kill ONE of the enemy's creaturs, AND while it's your 
turn, hit the ESC button (on the keyboard) for an instant win!

Be careful about summoning in mid-fight: Summoning a "new" monster 
skips the current monster's turn, and worse, the "new" monster cannot 
fight the same turn it is summoned on (This game's version of "Summoning 
Sickness"), which may result in you inadvertently skipping your turn!

Cast as many Spells as you can! Casting Spells increases your 
"experience" with that Spell, but more importantly, MOST Spells don't 
skip your turn...You can buff one creature into near godhood! I recommend 
casting the Precision (Can't miss, Earth) first, then the Enrage ( 2 Attack, 
Fire)... Also, cast the Regen Spell ( 2 Heal per turn, Fire) AFTER your 
monster gets hurt, then you can reap the immediate benefit of 2 Healing 
THAT TURN! For emergency healing, Air has a Spell "Solinus", or something 
like that, heals ALL of your monsters for 5HP, immediately...sadly, no 
per-turn regen from the Air version!

Fight any monsters till lvl 5 but from then on fight only for avatar/ 
artifact giving and spells you dont have

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