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  Hints and Tips for: Majestic Trials 
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 Majestic Trials Cheats

Majestic Trials

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by AlphaAsh.

Loot! Wonderful loot! There are a number of different types of magical 
items to be found scattered throughout the Majestic Trials. Some can 
be used to supplement rapidly dwindling spells from your spellbook. 
Some can be 'reverse-engineered' after victory in a trial. Some are 
desired by the Majestic Few and might be used to gain their favour. 
Here's a quick and easy guide to the different types of magical items 
you can find in the game.

The ubiquitous scroll cannot be used by anyone other than an experienced 
Wizard. Recorded on the scroll is a single use of a spell that can be 
cast at any target that can be seen (a ranged spell). Once the spell is 
cast the scroll becomes scrap parchment.

Scrolls that aren't used in a trial can be 'reverse-engineered' after 
victory in a trial, in order to add the spell recorded on the scroll 
to your library.

Potions come in many yummy flavours, containing only natural ingredients 
and no artificial sweetners. Consuming a potion provides the benefits of 
an enchantment to the consumer, but not to any allies in adjacent tiles 
(unlike an enchantment cast from your spellbook). Acid reflux is not 
caused by potions.

Potions not used in a trial can be 'reverse-engineered' after victory 
in a trial, adding the related enchantment to your library.

Gems are a very common item but many of them serve no magical purpose, 
although they can be valuable and provide you yummy XP to improve your 
abilities after a trial. However, some gems contain a magic curse, which 
a Wizard can use. Using the curse destroys the gem. Such gems that aren't
used in a trial can be 'reverse-engineered' after victory in a trial, in 
order to add the related curse to your library.

Charms come in all shapes and sizes and are often collected by even those
who can't make use of their magical properties, which is to summon creatures.
This always destroys, or consumes the charm, however. Charms that aren't 
used in a trial can be 'reverse-engineered' after victory in a trial in 
order to add the related summons spell yo your library.

Artefacts come in all shapes and sizes and are typically very rare and very 
valuable. Many of the members of the Majestic Few will want you to obtain 
artefacts from the trials, in return for favour and even powerful rewards.

Some artefacts can help you learn particularly rare spells or provide useful 
passive 'buffs' when in your possession. This will leave you with difficult 
choices to make about whether to hand over artefacts you find or keep them 
for yourself.

-=Not So Magic Stuff=-
There's lots of items to be found in the trials that aren't magical but 
still have value. Many can be 'traded-in' for XP after a successful trial,
in order to improve your abilities. Gold-coins are a common example.

One particular item to look out for is the good old key. There's plenty of 
locked doors and containers that need them, with some tasty loot (and 
sometimes less tasty danger) to be found behind or in them.

Some of the more fiendish trials also have the exit portal appear behind 
a locked door. Now you know. Blame Sykes for that one. 
All the other Majestic Few do.

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