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  Hints and Tips for: Mardek 
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 Mardek Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Experience Guide:
Written by levelzuk

This is (probably) the best way to enjoy the great story, interesting 
characters and exciting combat of Mardek.

How to Have the Best Experience

* Definitely play fullscreen (Windowed kinda sucks).
* Raise the volume to comfortable levels.
* Use headphones or speakers, which are recommended.
* Turn off the lights in your room.
* Raise your screen brightness.
* In the In-Game settings, raise the battle quality to high.
* In the In-Game settings, turn on all the options except qwertz compatibility 
  (unless you want to).

* Sit in a chair, couch or lie down on your bed or floor and wrap a soft 
  blanket around yourself.
* Get your favorite snack, favorite candy, and favorite drink 
  (ex. Chips,Twizzlers, Chocolate Milk).
* Get a heater or AC turned on to a comfortable temperature.

-=Things to Know About=-
* Walk with the arrow keys and interact with characters, objects and doors 
  using X.
* Z is used to cancel and to answer some yes or no questions.
* Access the menu with the Enter key.
* X is used to forward dialogue, Z is used to skip it.
* Talk to your party members by pressing P.
* To see dialogue that has already been said/shown, press L.

* If the monsters you are fighting is weak, an icon will appear that is blue, 
  you can skip these battles by pressing Z before the battle starts.
* If the monsters you are fighting are strong, an icon will appear that is 
  red, you cannot skip these battles.
* You can have up to 4 party members at a time.
* You can read more in-depth about combat by checking the help section of 
  the menu.

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