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  Hints and Tips for: Marie's Room 
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 Marie's Room Cheats

Marie's Room

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Objects and Journal Entries:
Written by Hanni

All items and interactions for obtaining the "Every word" and "The complete picture" Achievements.

-=Important Notes=-
Whenever you need to interact with objects you have to click on and rotate them. 
You do not need to wait until Kelsey finishes her monologues.
When you use the laptop: wait until the Journal has successfully updated before switching to another mail or tab. 

-=Main Floor=-
Action: Try going downstairs
Weather forecast
Local wineguide
Picture (2x)
Door (3x)

-=Marie's Room (Present)=-
Interact: Postcard
Action: Read Marie’s journal

-=Marie's Room (Past)=-
Start from the bed and rotate to the left through the entire room:

Orange peels [Journal Entry]
Action: Read Marie’s (almost empty) journal
Pillow [Journal Entry]
Action: Examine Case [Journal Entry]
Phone [Journal Entry]
Shopping bags
Swimsuit [Journal Entry]
Bike helmet [Journal Entry]
Interact: Name badge [Journal Entry]
Interact: "The Green Eatery” card
Interact: Check doormat [Journal Entry]
Interact: Takeout menu
Interact: Search Kelsey’s jacket [Journal Entry]
Sparkly shoes [Journal Entry]
T-shirt [Journal Entry]
Pizza boxes
Smoking jar
Stone [Journal Entry]
Interact: Open drawer [Journal Entry]
Interact: Kelsey’s phone [Journal Entry]
Action: Turn on TV [Journal Entry]
Rubik’s cube
Whiteboard [Journal Entry]
Interact: Sheet of paper
Ringbinder [Journal Entry]
Bike basket [Journal Entry]
Ripped shirt [Journal Entry]
Action: Use the Laptop (Password: "shadow person”) [Journal Entry 5x]

E-mail (2 mails)
Internet browser (3 tabs)

Broken window [Journal Entry]
Action: Turn the Desk lamp on
Interact: Open notebook [Journal Entry]
Interact: Open drawer [Journal Entry]
World map
Action: Turn the Record player on
Sunglasses [Journal Entry]
Interact: Beer bottle [Journal Entry]
Interact: Search Kelsey’s backpack [Journal Entry]

The Complete Picture
Found every story object.

Action: Read Marie’s journal to get the code for the case
Action: Open case (34951)

-=Marie's Room (Present)=-
Action: Answer the phone
Action: Take Marie’s journal

-=Every Word=-
All of Marie's journal entries found.

Action: Leave the house

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