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  Hints and Tips for: Mario Kart Tour 
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 Mario Kart Tour Cheats

Mario Kart Tour

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How Do I Unlock NEW Characters & Karts?:
Players get Grand Stars based on how many points they earn in a race. Grand Stars can 
unlock new cups, which in turn reward Tour Gifts. Tour Gifts are reward packages given 
upon the completion of a cup, offering a combination of drivers, karts, gliders and 
more. Only certain unlockables are available via Tour Gifts during each Tour.

Another way to unlock content is via The Pipe, a gacha-style mechanic which unlocks
random content. Rubies are required to use The Pipe, which can be earned by completing 
races or “other sources” including micro-transactions.

Each Pipe contains 100 fixed items, with players guaranteed to receive the Tour 
‘Spotlight’ items (ie, Pauline and New York items) within those 100. Players are not 
guaranteed to receive all unique items within a Pipe’s lifetime, but The Pipe can be 
reset and filled up again.

The number of characters, karts and gliders in each Pipe is determined by their rarity. 
It is possible to obtain duplicate items, which will cause the existing character’s, 
kart’s or glider’s skill level to increase.

Finally, coins are collected in races and Coin Rush mode and can be spent in the Shop 
on drivers, karts and gliders. Coin Rush mode has players racing as Gold Mario and 
collecting as many coins as possible. Rubies are required to start Coin Rush, with a 
multiplier applied to the number of coins you collect for higher Rubies purchases.

Players can also collect coins and Rubies by completing daily challenges, standard 
challenges and by logging in each day.

How to Unlock Ranking mode:
To Unlock Ranking mode, you have to get to the Koopa Troopa Cup, which is the fifth cup 
in the game, so it’s not too far in. Once you beat the first four cups, every race will 
be ranked from there on out, and your performance will increase or decrease your ranking.

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