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  Hints and Tips for: Mario Forever 4.4 
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 Mario Forever 4.4 Cheats

Mario Forever 4.4

Koopa Troopa libertation:
Submitted by: abhigyanisjdkof

Open Mario forever 4.4, You can take a goodie if you want to and go to the human 
laboratory and go to the funny tanks level and you will see 4 turtles on their 
backs are signboards named 'we want more shells'. Go to the next screen and you 
will see a pipe and go into it.

How to complete koopa liberation:
Submitted by: Sunil Reddy

first of all i want to tell is that there is similarity in bet/w lost map and koopa 
liberation map, so first try completing lost map.
up to the checkpoint u will be max on land and 1/4 hopping the ducks.
after checkpoint u will be 60% hopping on ducks which makes it very difficult.
Even i was able to complete it once.
the other 40% u will get mushroom and two flowers(don't take the other flower) just 
go and kill all the damn ducks throwing their asses(u have to continusly go on even if 
u get small) and there's the flag waiting for you

Submitted by: Mitchell

When You Start The Game Don't Go Into Any Pipes. Instead, Keep Going Right Until You get 
To The Goodies Area. Then, Go To The Right and Jump Up and Over. You Should See A Sign 
Saying: Human Laboratory World (NOTE: For This Too Work, You CAN'T Pick Up A Goodie). 
Keep Going Right, And You'll reach A Pipe With Two Cylinders Above. Keep Going Right, 
And You'll Reach The Lost Map! Keep Going Right and You'll Find A Secrets Thing! Keep 
Going Right, And You'll See A Vehicle Thing and Some Turtles With Signs Saying: We Want 
More Shells! Keep Going Right, and You'll See More Turtles and A Pipe! Go Down The Pipe, 
and You're At The KOOPA TROOPA LIBERATION!!! or If You Don't Go Down The Pipe, Go Right 
To get To The Starman Runing, and That's All The Secrets!

Short Cut to Map 4:
Submitted by: mariosonic66

On World 1-2 there is a sighn saying 'hardcore zone is near.' When you get to the sighn 
go 5 and a half blocks to the left then jump up. You should be taken to Map 4.

Get to World 8 Quickly:
Submitted by: cheatburgers

You have to be small for this. On world 1-4 after the check point there is a giant gap 
in the ceiling. At the end of the gap jump up and an invisible block will appea. jump 
on it, jump to the left then jump to the right and you will be on the ceiling, make sure 
you don't fall through the gaps in the ceiling. Get to the pipe, stand on it and press 
down and you will be taken to world 3. then when you reach the trampoline jump across 
the big gap next to the pipe with the plant in it there is a bigger pipe don't jump on 
the big pipe. walk into the left side of it. you will be taken to world 8. if it doesn't 
work try jumping a few times while you walk into the pipe.

World 1-2 Secrets:
Submitted by: cheatburgers

When you get to the check point on world 1-2 there is an area with lots of plants.
Go past the plants and goombas and there will be another pipe with a plant in it. 
Jump up while pressing the up arrow at the blocks below the pipe with the plant in it and
 you will be taken to hardcore world 1.

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