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  Hints and Tips for: Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite 
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 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Cheats

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Every Fighter's Health Value:
Written by JUMPMAN.

Like the title states, every health value in the game.

-=9,000 HP=-
Chun Li
Rocket Raccoon
Strider Hiryu
X (in light armor, he has 9,900 effective HP)

-=10,000 HP=-
Captain America
Captain Marvel
Chris Redfield
Doctor Strange
Frank West
Ghost Rider
Iron Man

-=11,000 HP=-

.ini Tweaks:
Written by Gamma Lyrae.

-=Navigate to this folder=-
steam\steamapps\common\MARVEL VS. CAPCOM INFINITE\MVCI\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Open "Engine.ini" and scroll to the bottom, paste this in:


This will force Vsync off, which will eliminate the stuttering that occurs when 
you play the game in full screen mode. 
This will also reduce your input lag substantially.

To improve the visuals, add this directly below the r.Vsync=0 line:


This will remove the vaseline-smear style blur, giving you more crisp visuals.

Bonus stages:
Successfully complete Story mode to unlock the following eight stages:

A.I.M.Brella   - Laboratory Pathway
Abel City      - Sigma's Lab
Avengers Tower - Lab
Dark Kingdom   - Wastelands
Knowmoon       - Gravitron Core
Knowmoon       - Walkway
Xgard          - Bifrost Bridge
Xgard          - Underground Prison

Bonus colors:
Successfully complete Arcade mode with any two characters to unlock their third color.
Successfully complete Arcade mode a second time with those same characters to unlock 
their fourth color.

Easily Unlock Colors 3 and 4:
Written by Moonmadness

How to easily unlock colors 3 and 4 for every character and every outfit in the game.

-=Unlocking Colors 
Follow these easy steps to unlock a character's color:

#1. Go into Arcade mode (Battle -> Arcade) 
#2. Enter Battle Settings by pressing RB/R1 or whatever button you assigned to it. 
#3. Set difficulty to 'Very Easy' and damage to 'Highest' 
#4. Close and choose any two characters you want to unlock colors for and any stone. 
    If you're in doubt, I suggest you to always pick Soul Stone in case the AI suddenly 
    decides to retaliate, as it can give you life back or revive a dead teammates. 
#5. Once you're in a match, just do magic series into magic series repeatedly to kill 
    them. If you don't know what a magic series is, it's a universal sequence of buttons 
    that combo for every character in the game. 

    The basic magic series can go as following:
    LP LK HP HK cr.HP (launch) LP LK HP HK (ground bounce) cr.LK HP cr.HP (launch) 
    This sequence should kill almost every character. There might be some slight 
    variations depending on the character you're playing or your position on the 
    screen but you can just chase them down and do the series again.
    If you're really lazy you can also use auto combos and mash LP repeatedly 
    until they die.
#6. Once you get into Battle 5, wait for 'Fight!' to appear on the screen, then press 
    Start and exit to Main Menu.
    Once you get back to the main menu, the game will tell you that color 3 is unlocked, 
    or if color 3 was already unlocked, color 4.

And that's it. You don't need to finish Arcade mode, just to finish the first 4 fights 
for every color you want to unlock.

Note: The colors will be unlocked for all costumes you own for that character. 
You don't need to do this again if you bought an alternative outfit!

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