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  Hints and Tips for: Marvel's Avengers 
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 Marvel's Avengers Cheats

Marvel's Avengers

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Match Maker Tips:
Written by Anhur Ra

Match Maker taking too long? Might be you.

-=Tips to Match Maker=-
Once you have chosen a mission to go on you will be presented with a screen. 
You can wait for all members to be filled but it's not necessary. When all 
spots are filled that are going to be filled click Launch Mission. A check
 mark will appear in the up right hand side of the name plate of those who 
have clicked. As you can see in the picture two of us have and two haven't 
causing the count down to be over 50. If all have clicked you will a 10 sec 
count down.

So now for some matchmaking etiquette if your are going to match make do 
not choose this time get up for the toilet, cup of coffee,etc... 
Be ready to go. Turn off open mic. Nobody wants to hear you breathing threw 
your mouth, sneezing loudly, clanking things near your mic or the game audio 
on your end. 
So to rap this up click Launch Mission - don't be a mouth breather.

Guaranteed vault coordinates:
Vault coordinates are found in Secret SHIELD bases on specific maps. When you 
are near a hidden SHIELD base, a radar ping will appear on your HUD. Follow 
it to the hidden switch to access the underground room. In the underground 
room, grab all the chests and the Vault Coordinates item, which unlocks an 
additional side mission on your War Table. You will be able to raid the vault 
in a mission called "Desert Vault", "Forest Vault", etc. There are many good 
rewards in the vaults -- so if you are wanting to farm them or if you want to 
complete Hero Card Challenges requiring secret vaults, this is how to get them. 
The following are three guaranteed vault coordinate locations.

Day Of The Remains (Pacific Northwest): Go left from the start. There are two 
SHIELD caches in this mission. Vaults and Elite Vaults are a great way to farm 
gear on higher difficulty levels. However, remember to increase the challenge 
rating for a better chance at finding the valuable gold chest.

Our Town (Utah Badlands): Go to the far back-left, then enter a cave past the 
police cars to find the radar signal after exiting through the other side of 
the cave.

Stark Realities (Pacific Northwest): Go left from the start until you find a 
radar signal.

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