Mary Skelter: Nightmares Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Mary Skelter: Nightmares 
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 Mary Skelter: Nightmares Cheats

Mary Skelter: Nightmares

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Early Advice and Tips:
-=Meat Shield=-
Class change Alice or Cinderella to a Paladin and have her learn cover. Equip Agility 
boosting accessories to raise her speed and have her use cover to protect the rest of 
the party from most enemy attacks.

Cinderella technically makes for a better Paladin since if you use lick on her you 
can get a heal, but there is no real best class for a Blood Maiden or Blood Maiden for 
a class.

-=Blood Abilities=-
Blood Abilities can be used when running from Nightmares. For example, Sleeping 
Beauty’s Rose Arrow will temporarily stun the Nightmare on hit, and Kaguya’s Bamboo 
Guard can block one attack from a Nightmare when running during a Murder Hunt.

Becoming Overpowered (and other useful tips):
These will absolutely shatter the difficulty of the game.
-=Early Weapons and Armor=-
After Chapter 3, the Jail Tower area will open up. While it’s clearly intended to be 
an endgame dungeon, you can exploit it for items and weapons. Enter when your Libido 
gauge is near full and save near an item spawn point.

Select the Merchant Encounter Up on the roulette wheel and then walk around until he 
appears. The weapons, items, and armor he sells will all be endgame or near endgame 
quality. While expensive, even a single weapon can turn a Blood Maiden into an engine 
of destruction.

-=Experience in the Jail Tower=-
Once you can survive a few fights in the Jail Tower, you can rack up some good 
experience there. However, the enemies on the first floor give poor experience, 
rush to the second floor to start farming.

-=Greed is Good=-
Want items and money galore? Class change Snow White into an Item Meister early on 
and put points into her class abilities to increase item drop rates. Sell whatever 
you don’t need.
Additionally, you can change Sleeping Beauty into a Blood Hunter and put points into 
those class abilities for increased money.

-=Total Enemy Party Kill=-
Class change into Speed Gunner as Sleeping Beauty and/or Kaguya or Marshal as Alice 
and/or Cinderella. Use the Merchant trick in the Jail Tower detailed above and buy 
a Proto Gun for a Speed Gunner or a Howl Eater for a Marshal.

Have the Blood Maiden in question learn an AoE attack such as Amber Red and put extra 
points into it. While the 31 MP cost of Amber Red is expensive early on, the high 
damage and speed of the Speed Gunner and Marshal classes allow you to destroy all 
enemies in one or two turns, assisted by an overpowered weapon equip.

Make sure to keep careful watch over the Corruption level. Blood Maiden running a setup 
like this move faster than Jack, meaning they can Blood Skelter before you get the 
chance to clear it. If they go Blood Skelter and use AoE attacks on your party, it’s 
going to hurt.

-=Boss Killer=-
Similar to the above, but instead of running skills like Amber Red that hit all 
enemies on the field use Rage Rush instead. In a normal battle with multiple enemies 
on the field it’ll attack them at random, but during a boss fight there’s only the one 
enemy on the field, which will be hit multiple times for massive damage.

Gun Part Locations:
The gun parts are located in:

Downtown – Area 4
Dorms – Area 2
Stations Grounds – Area 1

All parts are located in Treasure Chests. Bring them to Haru to install them and 
unlock new functions for the Mary Gun. Clara cannot upgrade the Mary Gun.

Affection Event Locations:
After raising your affection with a Blood Maiden by giving her gifts, specific events 
become available to view, which unlock more Massacre skills. While the majority of 
these events take place in the Liberated District, some of them are located and have 
to be viewed in the dungeons after reaching the point that they have to play. 

The locations for these particular events are as follows:

Red Riding Hood:
Downtown – Area 3

Snow White:
Temple – Area 2

Dorms – Area 1

Hidden Character:

Station Grounds – Area 3
Jail Tower – Area 3

Additional note: Some Affection Events are gated by the main plotline. 
For example: While all of Alice’s events are available as soon as you raise her 
Affection, some of Kaguya’s require you to reach a certain point and will not play 
before then, no matter how high her Affection is.

Unlock Full Gallery:
Written by Storm-Atronach

How to get the ending scene and CGs for every character.

After defeating the final boss and triggering the good ending (Mary Reverser needed), 
you will unlock the bonus features in the main menu, where the gallery is also located.

There you will find all CG scenes from previously unlocked affection events as well 
as those of the heroines in all her job outfits, of which only a single one will be 

Affection level determines which heroine will be chosen for the good ending.

-=How to Unlock the Other Endings=-
First of you will still need a save file before the final boss.

Then you will either have to rise the affection level of the girl, you want to unlock 
the ending for or if you already have all affection levels maxed out, just need to 
change party order, as the game choses the girl in the first party slot for the ending,
if all affection levels are the same.

So either return to base and rise the affection of an individual girl and go back
or just reload and switch positions before fighting the boss over and over to unlock
all of the bonus galleries.

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