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  Hints and Tips for: Master of Orion (2016) 
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 Master of Orion (2016) Cheats

Master of Orion (2016)

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Secret ALT Codes:
When you are on the Planet screen, hold the ALT key and type in moola to receive
a bunch of currency. During gameplay, you can hold ALT and type in galaxy to 
reveal the local galaxy.

Killer Exploit:
With some careful preparation, you can produce a situation where your enemy is 
helpless against your attacks. First, build a ship that has a single missile 
equipped (make sure that you're not equipping torpedoes or scatter packs, as those 
don't count). As an extra, equip something like the Neutron Stream Projector that 
can disable armor. As for general ship specs, make sure that your ship is both 
fast and tough. Once you engage in combat with your sleek new ship, disable your 
missiles and get close to an enemy ship, until you are within 2 spaces. Now, 
fire your weapons at the enemy group, then select the "Wait" option. Provided 
you survive any retaliation, you'll get another turn. You should still have 
access to any extra weapons, which you can use again. Then wait, then fire your 
extra weapon, then wait, then fire the extra weapon, and so forth. Repeating 
the process prevents the enemy from being able to fire, and you can keep the 
chain going until you finally win.

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