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  Hints and Tips for: Master of Orion 2 
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 Master of Orion 2 Cheats

Master of Orion 2

Build Instantly:
At any of the planetary screens, after choosing to build something, hold alt and type 
"CRUNCH" and it will be built immediately. You will know you have done it correctly 
when you hear a beep and "1" appears in the Time to Build space.

Cheat mode:
Submitted by: Indra Permata Dinda

Enter these cheat codes while holding down the ALT key on the starmap. 
Be careful when using the iseeall code as it can change your race stats. 

Code           Result 
CRUNCH       - completes your building project  (type in colony screen).
EINSTEIN     - gives you all technology.
ISEEALL      - omniscience.
MENLO        - Allows you to finish your research.
MOOLA        - gives you $1,000.
canbonly1    - CPU players all against you.
score        - View player's current score.
events       - No random events.
allai        - Random character personalities/increased AI.

This is a tactic i called NINJA STRIKE:
Submitted by: pegasus

Armed a ship with "time warp fac."and "phasing cloak" and a fast hitter weapon 
(beams,stellars,black holes,etc)(in my choice i prefer black hole) the trick is 
when using phasing clock enemy cannot see the ship however when you use the ship
to attack the cloak turns off, but with time warp facilator, on the first turn 
attack the enemy, on the second turn just do nothing. 
Now after you had done nothing the phasing cloak will turn on, thus the enemy 
cannot attack you.

Hidden bonus:
Set the system date to April 1, then begin game play.

Recommended set-up:
Do not select a race; instead select "Custom". Take some negative points 
to choose more of the better positives. A recommended set-up is as follows: 
+2 Research 
+1 Production 
Repulsive (for -6 points - you get little out of trading. 
The CPU opponent always gets the better deal.) 
+10 Spying (helps fend off a lot of spying) 
-10 Ground Combat (Better weapons are superior) 
-10 Defense (Better weapons are superior)

Submitted by: wfdehn

This is a tip to build a master, unbeatable, kill them on the first shot not allowing 
them to even fire back ship. Build a Battleship, Titan, or a Doomstar, but it will work 
with almost any ship. Battle pods, Achilles targeting system, a battle scanner, high 
energy focus, hyper x capacitor, a rangemaster unit, a structural analyzer, and a time 
warp facilitator. One plasma cannon loaded to the max. You will be able to fire some 35 
to 40 times, then 35 to 40 times again because of the hyper x, and then repeat it because 
of the time warp facilitator. One ship will fire a total of 160 points usually destroying 
an enemy ship with only 2 to 8 points depending on its technology. One doomstar can 
destroy up to 30 ships on one turn. Get this, with one doomstar, I have attacked and 
destroyed Antares. If the enemy has good tech then this doesn?t work well firing on 
planets. Also, if their tech is bad then one shot kills everything and everyone on 
the planet. Sometimes when I fire upon a small planet with 40 plasmas it glitches and 
abruptly exits the game. I have to build a planet killer to tag along so I don?t 
accidentally devastate planets. Also, on the battle screen, many times the auto button 
will allow the enemy to fire at you first?which really irritates me and auto, for some 
reason, will skip its chance to utilize the time warp facilitator and allows the enemy 
to fire upon you only after two rounds of firing. It is very irritating indeed. 
I use auto after I fired the first shot and then start clicking the crap out of it 
to get it to stop when it is approaching the time warp facilitator usage. 
Even if you don't have the tech, get the plasma cannon tech first then slowly build 
and add the tech (hyper x, high energy, etc.,) as you go. I love going up against an 
enemy with 3 ships to his 120 and he never gets a chance to fire.

Refit captured ships!:
As of version 1.2 (the one I accidentally found this on), it IS possible to refit 
captured ships. This makes use of an apparent glitch in the program logic, so it might
have been either absent in previous versions or fixed in later ones. 

When you try to refit a captured ship, the program alerts you to the fact that it is 
captured, and therefore cannot be refit. However, when a leader is aboard that ship, 
the program asks you whether you would like to transfer that leader to the leader pool
or not, and then jumps to the ship-design screen. The ship still remains "captured", 
so whenever you want to refit it, you'll have to have a leader handy.

In summary: having a leader aboard a captured ship lets you refit that ship.

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