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  Hints and Tips for: Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! 
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 Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! Cheats

Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Some Gameplay Hints:

-=How to get more chairs for execs=-
Merchant sells items that rise chair tershholds, district rewards, at later 
playthrough end game loans allow to choose from multiple assets that can 
have chairs.

-=The point of the items on the map=-
They're drop points. They automatically go to what they are so you don't 
need to pick them up.

-=The way to change pronoun in the game=-
Click desk icon on bottom right corner of game screen, this opens your 
office screen. Then click name plate on desk to switch between pronouns.

-=Replay relationships=-
Dates can be replayed. Click a character's icon to open their information 
window, and on the right are buttons to start each date. Story segments 
can be replayed via Your Office > Memories.

-=Difference between Training value and Grooming value=-
Training value is how much it costs to train while grooming is how many 
points you get each time you train.

-=Money maker=-
Executive Office offers you the opportunity to earn gold and money every 
hour. After completing an expedition you can to sell items to earn money or 
gold, don't forget this.

-=Need to rest=-
Your employees need resting especially when itís evening time.

-=Restarting profile=-
Your save game location:

"C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\TheMenWhoWearManyHats\Max Gentlemen Sexy Business"

Rename the "number name" folder (for example adding something to name). Then 
make sure that Steam Cloud is not in use. Now you can start the game from the 

To get old save back, delete new save and rename old save back. Or delete new 
save and turn Steam Cloud On. The game should download old save on next start 
(only if you used steam cloud previously, obviously).

-=Better conversion rate=-
You need to earn a bunch of the lowest-rank token and then change one of the 
desks to convert into higher ranks. Youíll have to change them back eventually. 
Also you can even get enough of the lowest-rank tokens coming in fast enough 
to generate higher rank tokens. Itís a bit of annoying micromanagement but itís 
not too consequential to the whole game.

-=Get more executive offices=-
Buy Executiveí Office more than one. Efficiency will increase and you will get 
fastly trade secrets.

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