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  Hints and Tips for: Megaquarium 
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 Megaquarium Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite Money:
You can edit the save files manually to unlock everything and give yourself 
unlimited amounts of money. Just open them in notepad and find the line 
"resources" under there you have the money and the ecology and science points
you can adjust. 

The save files located in MyDocuments/My Games/Megaquarium/Saves

If you have 1000 money then search for 1000 in your document until you find 
something that looks like this (your number values will obviously be different);

resources: {
money: 240000,
rankNumber: 11,
points: {},
pointChains: [],
firstDayOfHistory: 1,
moneyHistoryByType: [


In this example "money: #" is set to money: 240000, but if you had 1000 
money that number would be 1,000, all you simply do is change that number to
your desired value (for example: 999999).

When you reload the save it will use those values. Pretty easy to just unlock 
everything so long as you have a single tank to tick over the points to the 
next level on each reload. Or with unlimited money you can build a large tank,
stuff it full of animals and get loads of points that way.

Note: If the files inside the Saves folder have no extension, make sure to 
change your Folder Options to include file extensions (Hide common file 
extensions) in your System Control.

Game starts with black screen Issue Fix:
Your game may be having trouble accessing the save folder, please try the steps below:

-=Cannot save to Saves folder=-
If you get an error message about not being able to access the saves folder then 
you probably have a permissions issue. Try these things:

1. Run the game in administrator mode
2. If that doesnít work, navigate to the saves folder:


C:\Users\insert username\Documents\My Games\Megaquarium\Saves

and try to give your user profile full read/write access to these folders.

You may also need to remove "Read Only" checkbox from the folder (Windows 8.1)

If this does not work, then you can try deleting the file from the 
saves folder. Not this will reset your game progress, so it is recommended you 
try other things first!

C:\Users\insert username\Documents\My Games\Megaquarium\Saves

Aquarium Maintance:
The game give a basic detail about aquarium maintaining, however thereís more to it. 
Some animals and ornaments can help you maintain and improve the water quality of an 
aquarium, however unlike real world, not all plant in the game can do this, 
hereís some tips for maintaining the aquarium.

1.Filter Power
Help you maintain the water quality. Basic Filtration System, Rocks and some animal 
have this, itís better to keep more rocks than just basic plants, use the live rocks 
instead normal rocks if possible and if possible always put the animals that have 
filtration power as your main animals tankmates. 
(example : Common Starfish with Atlantic Pollock)

2.Skimmer Power
Help you achieve higher water quality. Skimmer Machine have better filtration system 
than the Power Filter, only the Skimmer Machine have this. If possible use this 
rather than basic filter for animals that need a high water quality.

3.Nitrite Power
Help you achieve higher water quality. Nitrite Machine and just like real fish 
keeping, some plants have this. The machine are more efficient than the Skimmer and 
the basic Filter, if possible use the plant that have Nitrite Power than the normal 
plant for the aquarium.

4.More Fish = More Filtration
Just like real fish keeping, the more cramped the aquarium the more filtration will 
be needed to maintain the water quality. This is because more waste being produced 
by the animals in the aquariums, if you havenít have a good filtration machine, 
itís better to put less fishes in an aquarium, otherwise the animals will slowly die.

5.Bigger Tank = More Maintenance
The more big the aquarium capacity, the more heater/chiller and filtration system it 
need. This also work if you want to connect a water pump to more than 1 aquarium, 
the more tank you connect to a water pump the more machine it will need to maintain 
the water quality.

6.Hide Your Filtration System
The Guest dislike seeing the filtration system, always hide it with a walls otherwise 
you will lose some prestige point.

For early game, itís better to use an ornament that can help maintain your aquariums 
rather than an ornaments just to increase your prestige. Use the prestige ornaments 
in late game. (for example : The Canon or Barrels)

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