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  Hints and Tips for: Memories of Mars 
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 Memories of Mars Cheats

Memories of Mars

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
Written by Deckard Cain

1.Loss of sleep due to playing alot.

Even tho the game like any new game release has issues it is a decent game. Just 
a warning tho the time you play will be shown through the server lag you experience 
which at this moment are pretty often. Alot of bugs are in the game as well so be 
prepaired to fall off a cliff or two due to a bug or lag.

Tip: Use your mobile 3d printer to craft alot of extra Med sprays as they are 
cheap to make and the resources needed to make them are very common. 
1 Iron - 3 Bio Mass - 2 Nitrate.

2.Irritation on how long progress takes.

Ok at the start you'll be pressed to find resources but not to worry! 
they are very common for basic construction.

Iron - Iron nodes around the land scape & lose Iron stones. 
Aluminum - Finding this is sometimes a challenge at the start for some because 
of simply not knowing where to look so.. Its found on the Corpses of robots.. 
use a sonic drill on them to recover the resource. 
Copper - This was tricky to find... but all those screens you see around outposts 
that still work use your sonic drill on them to recover copper. 

Tip: Work towards unlocking the cutting torch asap and the smelter as you will 
need these to get a higher yield.

3.Permissions arent 100%

Permissions arent 100% in the game reguardless of alliance settings so some items 
can be accessed if not in a secured room... but on that note people can still troll 
you by repainting your builds (lazy devs need to fix this) and often will try blocking 
your building by placing pillars and such around your build to prevent constructing 
further out.

Tip: If you plan on makeing a large base cut out your "territory" by making 
foundations to your build size as they only cost iron and this prevents people 
from building too close to prevent building.

4.Constant Players restricting access to areas where needed resources are 
(lets face it some people are douches).

Ok so this one I had to add because you will find more rare resources like 
Magnesium are in small areas on the map which can be a pain to get to when you 
have someone trying to monopolize the resource by blocking all access with
 builds.. yes.. 
this is common so be prepaired to be amazed at the total lunacy of others.

Tip: Most of these are in large canyons near large miners if all ground access 
is blocked off you can try to jump down but make sure to have plenty of meds 
on you and mine out iron for a way to build out of it.

5.Remembering to pay off your builds Maintenance Fee.

So this is where it hurts... as you build you have a kinda safety timer.. 
which you need FLOPs for to pay the Maintenance costs of keeping it under your 
control. Alot of new people dont know this due to a MAJOR lack of a in depth 
tutorial on building and costs of Maintenance. As your build grows so does the 
cost of "living" make sure to keep atleast a couple days worth in so in case rl 
happens. cause it does.. your atleast prepaired.

Tip: This isnt too hard for builds with 60 FLOPs a day costs as this can be 
gathered from about 4-5 of the smaller bots in several minutes.

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