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 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Cheats

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Ground Zeroes Save Transfer Rewards:
If you played Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, you had the option to upload your 
save file from the main menu. When you play The Phantom Pain, you can download that
save, also from the main menu, and you will receive the following rewards:

Metal Gear Solid 1 Skin     - Snake looks similar to his appearance in Metal Gear 
                              Solid on the original PlayStation.
Ground Zeroes Sneaking Suit - Available as a special upgrade through the Mother Base.
Gold Bionic Arm             - Only available if your save was made after you complete
                              Mission 5: Over the Fence and rescue the Bionic Engineer.

* Note that you can also transfer data from the PS3 version of Ground Zeroes to the
PS4 version of The Phantom Pain, or from the Xbox 360 version to the Xbox One version.

Kojima Productions Lives:
After you are rescued from your initial encounter with the Man on Fire in the prologue,
you must follow someone down a corridor. There's a rail to your left, which lets you 
pull yourself from the floor. Look closely at the cork board on the wall to see a poster
referencing Kojima Productions and inviting you to "Join the Fox Team." There's also a 
booth number: CP 2308. That booth that was assigned to Kojima Productions during GDC 2013.

The Cake Is For You:
Kojima and team apparently decided it made sense to reward players by letting them 
have cake. When you start a new game, you'll be prompted to enter your birthday. If 
you play the game on your birthday, there will be a party waiting for you at the Mother
Base, which includes a birthday cake and cigars.

Ground Zeroes - Mother Base Staff:
When you rescue Persons of Interest and Prisoners of War in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground 
Zeroes, you can save your file from that game's main menu and then download it from 
the main menu in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for various rewards. The prisoners
you rescued will appear at Mother Base as one of your rewards. 
Known prisoners include the following:

HIDEO            - Diplomat who appears following Missions 3, 4, and 5.
OCHRE CHAMELEON  - Appears following Missions 3, 4, and 5.
GRIZZLY HEDGEHOG - Appears following Missions 3, 4, and 5.
HUNGRY CROCODILE - Appears following Missions 3, 4, and 5.
WILD HARRIER     - Appears following Missions 3, 4, and 5.
FINGER           - Appears following Mission 6.
EYE              - Appears following Mission 6.
GRAY WALLABY     - Appears following Mission 6.
BLUE CHAMELEON   - Appears following Mission 6.
MIDNIGHT MASTIFF - Appears following Mission 6.
WILD STALLION    - Appears after two of either Missions 7, 8, or 9.
MAD WALLABY      - Appears after two of either Missions 7, 8, or 9.
ASSASSIN HARRIER - Appears affter two of either Missions 7, 8, or 9.
HUNTING STALLION - Appears after two of either Missions 7, 8, or 9.
FRIGID MONGOOSE  - Appears after two of either Missions 7, 8, or 9.
CRYING STURGEON  - Appears after two of either Missions 7, 8, or 9.
BITTER CENTIPEDE - Appears following Mission 12.
ROARING CAPYBARA - Appears following Mission 12.
PIRATE CAPYBARA  - Appears following Mission 12.
NIGHT TREE FROG  - Appears following Mission 12.

Silent Hills in Africa:
If you played PT, the demo that was released to promote Kojima's now-canceled Silent
Hills project with Guillermo del Toro, you likely heard a recording that outlines a 
horrific murder. In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, you can find and listen to
that same recording. Look for a radio positioned on the floor near one corner of a tent,
just beyond an outpost encampment in Africa (it's near the site of Mission 20: Voices).

Rescue Hideo Kojima:
You can rescue Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear (and this game's director), 
in the Side Op 112 Intel Agent Extraction mission. Once you have done so, he'll 
head back to the Mother Base.

Recruiting D-Dog:
Fulton extract the puppy at the start of Mission 4 (he is at the landing zone where you
leave the helicopter). If you missed this, you can replay the mission. Alternately, he 
can be found at the landing zones of Mission 3 and 5. Return to Mother Base (either 
complete the mission or call back the helicopter to abort) to view a cutscene with the
dog when you arrive at base. Then, successfully complete Missions 7, 8, 9, 10, and any 
other two missions of your choice. Next, return to Mother Base, and the puppy will be 
grown up; you will see a cutscene when you arrive. D-Dog will now be available as a 
buddy, and you will get the "Cry Havoc" achievement. 
Note: If he is not grown up yet, play a few more missions, and return later.

Recruiting Quiet:
At the end of Mission 11, do not kill Quiet (in the cutscene where you hold the gun to 
her head). If you have killed her, you can replay the mission. Successfully complete 
Mission 14 to unlock Side Op 111: Visit Quiet. Visit her on the medical platform of 
Mother Base. When you arrive at the helipad, go down the stairs in front of you to find
her cell. Then, call back the helicopter to leave the area to view a cutscene with Quiet.
She will now be available as a buddy, and you will get the "Speechless" achievement.

A Four-Legged Friend:
You can find a puppy that will grow up to be an awesome dog, useful for tricky stealth
situations later in the game. To find the pup, travel north of the Spugmay Keep in 
Free Roam mode, several missions into the game (Episode 04: C2W works well). Wander 
around in the vicinity of the landing site for a bit during the daylight hours and 
listen for dog barks. The puppy should run up to you eventually, and then you can 
head back to Mother Base to find him waiting. Befriend him and check in every few 
missions. Eventually, he'll be able to join you out in the field and alert you to 
the presence of nearby enemies.

Smelly Snake:
Complete enough missions without returning to Mother Base, and you'll eventually see
flies swarming around Snake. When you finally do head back to Mother Base, people will
greet you if you get close but also will try to avoid you. When you talk to Ocelot, he'll
say "Snake, you stink" and will dump a bucket of water on you.

Hand Of Jehuty teleport weapon:
The Hand Of Jehuty is a teleport upgrade for your Prosthetic Arm. When you shoot someone
with it, they will be teleported to your location, and you can use CQC to take them out 
silently. Even though the range is quite limited, it is a really fun tool to use and will
keep your enemies wondering what just happened. It is perfect for taking out heavily 
armored enemies with a single hit (especially in multiplayer). You can also upgrade it to
increase range and battery life. To unlock it, you must successfully complete Side Op 49:
"Capture The Legenday Ibis". This side op only becomes available after completing story 
Mission 31. If it does not appear after Mission 31, it is because only a limited number 
of side ops can simultaneously be active per area. Just keep doing other side ops, and 
it will eventually appear. You must then develop the Hand Of Jehuty at Mother Base in 
your iDroid. Development requires 340,000 GMP, 120 Precious Metal, and your R&D Team 
must be Level 28 or higher.

Wormhole Fulton Extraction Device:
The Wormhole Fulton Extraction Device is a very useful upgrade. Other than the normal 
fulton, this one cannot be shot down, making it perfect for extracting enemies and their
vehicles mid-combat. You can even use it in buildings or when there is something overhead,
as it always has a 100% extraction chance. To unlock it, successfully complete Side Op 50:
"Capture The Legenday Jackal", which only becomes available after completing story Mission
31. If it does not appear after Mission 31, it is because only a limited number of side 
ops can simultaneously be active per area. Just keep doing other side ops, and it will 
eventually appear. You must then develop the Wormhole Device at Mother Base in your iDroid.
Development requires 850,000 GMP and your R&D Team + Support Unit must be Level 40 or 
higher. Everything you can extract with the normal fulton can also be extracted with the

Raiden costume:
To get the secret Raiden suit, you must complete all story missions with an "S" rank
(excluding duplicate missions with Extreme, Subsistence, and Total Stealth mods). Only
the 38 unique missions and prologue must be completed with an "S" rank; the 12 duplicates
can be ignored. This will then give you the "Grand Master Certificate (Elite)" key item,
which allows you to develop the Raiden suit through your iDroid at Mother Base. 
Development requires 1,190,000 GMP, 70 Digitalis Purpurea, 20 Digitalis Lutea, and your
R&D Team must be Level 53 or higher. The main strength of this outfit is the increased 
sprinting speed and jump distance, as well as the nice cosmetic look of the suit. It 
allows you to run at the speed of your horse. When you run into enemies, it will knock 
them down. Usage costs 8,400 GMP per deployment. It also comes with the following 
disadvantages: you cannot use your prosthetic arm, it cannot be used during FOB missions,
and you are limited to an "A" rank when playing main missions. The suit is best used 
for open world exploration and side ops.

Weapon customization:
To unlock weapon customization, complete the following tasks: 

1.Successfully complete Side Op 107: "Extract The Legendary Gunsmith". This side op 
  mission becomes available after story Mission 13. It usually does not appear right 
  away because there can only be a limited number of side ops per area at the same time.
  Thus, keep doing other side ops, especially in the Angola-Zaire Border region, until 
  it appears.
2.Successfully complete Side Op 108: "Extract The Legendary Gunsmith Again". This side
  op mission should be triggered automatically after completing Side Op 107 (return to
  ACC, and it should be available). If it is not available, you must keep doing other 
  side ops until it appears. It has also appear for some people after Side Ops 06 and 
  48 were completed.
3.Successfully complete Side Op 109: "Extract The Legendary Gunsmith Yet Again". This
  is the last part of this quest line. It should appear after completing Side Op 108.

Note: You can now customize weapons in the ACC from your iDroid. Go to the "Mother 
Base" - "Customize" - "Weapons" tab, and choose the type of weapon you want to create.
To get new parts, you must develop more weapons. The parts of each developed weapon 
will be available for customization.

Chicken Hat:
When you die several times in short order, you'll gain the option to equip a special 
piece of gear called the Chicken Hat. While this is equipped, enemies won't engage with
you no matter how obvious you make your presence. Instead, they'll pass out while standing.
However, it only works three times in a given mission before disappearing on the fourth 
use, and you won't be able to rank higher than "A" on that particular run. You can enable
or disable the special gear from the Options menu, while the game is paused.

Quiet Boss fight Trick:
Quiet is a sniper and she will always be stationary waiting for a chance to get a hit 
on you. That being said, it's possible to order a supply drop on her position to stun 
her. After a few seconds she'll change her position. Ordering a supply drop on her new
position for a second time will stun her completely and you'll have defeated her in 2 
hits. This is also effective in completing all mission tasks for this mission.
Note: This doesn't work in the Extreme Version of the boss fight.

Paz Lives!:
After the Medical Strut has been constructed, make your way to the top and you'll spy a
door with a blue light. Inside that room, you'll find a "Work in Progress" sign to your
left. Head right instead, where you can enter another door to find Paz. From there, it's
possible to have additional interactions and uncover new information as the game progresses.

Nuclear disarmament ending:
Successfully complete Mission 31. All nuclear weapons at the FOBs of everyone in your
game platform's region must be dismantled. To qualify, you must not own or have a nuclear
weapon in development. You must dismantle any nuclear weapons in your arsenal. Additionally,
all nuclear weapons on the regional server for your game platform must be dismantled so the
total amount of nukes for your platform and region is zero. After all conditions are met, 
the hidden nuclear disarmament ending will appear after you return to Mother Base or after
you complete a main mission. If new nukes are developed afterwards, the ending will not 
be available again until all the previous conditions are met.

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