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  Hints and Tips for: Metal Gear Rising - Revengeance 
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 Metal Gear Rising - Revengeance Cheats

Metal Gear Rising - Revengeance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite BP:
Near the second level's midway point, you'll ascend along apartment building rubble. At the
top of that area, you'll find a checkpoint. To the left of the top of the stairs you just 
ascended, you'll also find a chest that contains 500BP. Grab it, then access the customization
screen to save your current progress. Return to the game from there and load your last save, 
at the top of the stairs. You can open the chest again for another 500BP. Repeat this trick 
as often as you like. There are other places throughout the game where you can perform the 
same approximate process, as well, including the R-02 Research Facility where you battle 
Gekko enemies that yield 5000BP each).

Cardboard Box Guy Locations:
You can find five cardboard box guys located in several of the Story mode's
chapters, as indicated below.

-=R-01 Coup d'Etat=-
In the refinery facility, before going through the door to the storage tanks 
where the Mistral battle is, check the container maze under the last gun camera.
The cardboard box guy is hiding in one of the shipping containers.

-=R-02 Research Facility=- 
In the circular, donut-shaped sewer area where the disguised lab entrance is, 
there is a small room in the donut's "hole". GUESS WHO LIKES YOU. Check that 
room for the cardboard box guy.

-=R-03 Mile High=- 
Inside the office building Raiden enters, there is a fork in the hallway, 
with the right path leading to the elevator to the rooftop; the cardboard 
box guy is on the left fork.

-=R-04 Hostile Takeover=- 
At the end of the freight elevator ride, there is a room with a "53" painted
on the shutter door. Ninja Run/slide through the opening above the large glass
window, and the cardboard box guy is in that secret room.

-=R-07 Assassination Attempt=- 
After exiting the hangar, but before getting to the HUD marker where Blade Wolf/ 
Armstrong is, check the stack of containers at the 90° turn for the cardboard box

Wooden Sword:
The High-Frequency Wooden Sword can be unlocked and purchased for 5000BP, provided
you find all five Cardboard Box Guys and clear the mission. Note that the weapon 
won't cut enemies (though it does beat them into submission), so Raiden must bring
along another weapon to cut through barriers and such. Zandatsu is impossible with
just the wooden sword. Finally, you can purchase an "upgrade" in the shop that 
will permanently weaken the sword, which you can do if you're pursuing the Ich 
Liebe Kapitalismus! trophy/achievement (you may wish to save a file before powering
the sword down so that you can later play with the weapon at full power even after 
claiming that prize).

Huge watermelon:
During the VR training tutorial, Raiden will enter a large area containing carts of watermelons.
Slice the watermelons in this area to have a huge one appear in one of the corners.

Cats easter eggs:
* Prior to the Monsoon Boss fight, whilewatching the scene, the perspective of the player is 
  in first person view. If you look to your right, eventually the PMC soldier will begin playing 
  with a cat.  
* At the beginning of mission R-01, you can find a cat on the beach. When you try slicing it,
  the cat will do backflips and avoid all your attacks.

Infinite item stocking:
Collect all items from boxes in an area, then press (Select) and enter (Customization). Once 
you exit the customization screen, all item boxes will be reset, allowing you to fully stock 
up on items. Repeat this as many times you wish.

Removing clothes from posters and cutouts:
During the VR training tutorial, Raiden can practice slices on cardboard cutouts of enemies that
are holding a female hostage. Cut the hostage's shirt just right to attack will remove her clothes. 
In Denver while enroute to the World Marshal corporation's headquarters, you can find a pinup 
poster covered in police tape. Slice off the tape to reveal the full picture. After rescuing the 
civilian hostages from the soldiers and chasing after them, you can slice in Blade mode to remove
the civilian's clothes.

Konami Code Unlocks Bonus Content:
At the title screen where it says to "Press Start", enter this code. Upon completion you should
hear "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance" and be prompted to select a save slot.

Unlocks all the DLC content, missions, bosses, codecs and cutscenes: 
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.

The following contacts are available:

Courtney (save your game) 
Customize (where you buy upgrades) 
VR Missions

Tips and Tricks:
Before you play the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance game, you will definitely want to know 
these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

* The moves list is under the “Help” option in the pause menu. This includes useful canned 
* VR tutorials are good to do as soon as they become available to learn game mechanics.
* Parrying is done by pressing x (light attack) and the stick in the direction of the 
  incoming attack, once for each attack. Generally attacks you can parry are preceded by 
  a red flash.
* Dodge is a purchasable skill called “Defensive Offense”. Less essential than parrying, 
  still super useful. X + A (light attack + jump). Has invulnerability animation frames. 
  Try dodging forward through one of the bull metal gear’s charges!
* Lock-on to opponents with the right shoulder button.
* Inventory is accessed by pressing left and right on the directional pad.
* Healing items are used by pressing down on the directional pad. If you ‘equip’ them 
  from the inventory screen, they will be used automatically when your health runs out.
* Other inventory items are used by the left shoulder button.
* Augmented reality mode is accessed by pressing up on the d-pad and will reveal chests 
  and enemies.
* Saving outside of checkpoints can be done by talking to Courtney from the audio codec 
  menu ("Back" button). I’m not sure about the details regarding when and what the game 
  saves, though.
* You can parry while in the stunned wiggle mode.
* You can cancel many animations by tapping the blade mode button.
* You can go into blade mode right after a stealth kill to extract their spine.
* The PC version must be run at a steady 60FPS. If the game runs any slower the timing 
  on parry moves, quicktime events, and blade mode is a lot tighter, making the game much 
  tougher as a result and making the final blade mode attack against the final boss be 
  literally impossible.
* When you finish the campaign with Raiden, go back to the menu and start a new game. 
  There are two new short story campaigns where you play as two other characters. Unless 
  you have the console version, in which case these are DLC and not packed in with the 
  base game.

Tips and Tricks for Bosses:
Written by Darthsmall

Some help if you are stuck or struggling.

-=Metal Gear Ray=-
Metal Gear Ray is an easy boss so most people wont need this part all you need to do 
is attack its legs until the zandatsu sign comes up then hold shift and cut the armour 
(yes im british) after you have done that just attach the bare legs

The second phase is easy just cut the missiles as they have repair nanopastes in 
them (somehow).

-=Blade Wolf=-
Blade Wolf is a boss that wont take to long to beat mainly you need to learn to parry 
also the boxes nearby have nanopastes so you don’t die.

Mistral is a decently hard boss but just using basic and strong attacks should defeat 
her make sure when you can cut the pole in half as it makes it easy to attack and if 
you are weak kill some of the Dwarf Gekkoss (funny eye things with arms) they heal you

Monsoon is where people start to struggle but never fear Em grenades exist which after 
his first phase when he goes purple throw them also when he throws crap at you cut 
them you get ems or repair nanopastes.

When he throws the building {the one that looks like the Washington tower or something 
im not American) climb up it then {spoiler} and if you fail its ok you will not die it 
is saved.

Sundowner he is quite easy just cut his sheilds or attack from the back although you 
might want to take down that stupid helicopter.

his second stage is just using the displayed buttons but like monsoons it saves in 

-=Jetstream sam=-
This is it the hardest fight just destroy the crates for more Nanopaste other than 
that try parry.

Really this guy is just run away attack run away other than his throwing rubish attack 
where you either cut it for damage or run.

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