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  Hints and Tips for: Metal Gear Solid 2 - Substance 
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 Metal Gear Solid 2 - Substance Cheats

Metal Gear Solid 2 - Substance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

All VR missions and characters:
Start a new Missions file, then enter "UUDDLRLRBA" as a name. 

Digital camera:
Successfully complete the game. The digital camera will be available when a
new game is started. The digital camera is locate in Strut E Shell 1. Go to
the bottom of the screen and locate the platform with three red lights on it.
Climb up onto it and equip the Z.O.E. Box. When the conveyor stops, press 
[Action] to climb on. You will be taken to another room. Press [Action] again
to get off and retrieve the Digital Camera. Exit the room in the same fashion. 

Bonus items for dog tags:
Collect the following percentage of total dog tags per chapter on any 
difficulty level to unlock the bonus.

- Tanker Chapter
Unlimited ammunition bandanna: 46 dog tags (30%)
Stealth apparatus: 76 dog tags (50%) 

- Plant Chapter
Unlimited ammunition wig: 73 dog tags (30%) 
Stealth apparatus: 121 dog tags (50%) 
Orange wig (grip gauge will not diminish): 170 dog tags (70%) 
Blue wig (Oxygen gauge will not diminish): 218 dog tags (90%) 

Costume and weapon bonuses:
Complete all of the Snake Tales twice. Complete 100% of all VR missions. 
Then, complete the entire game under any difficulty setting. Start a new 
game with the save file that was completed. You should now have access to 
Snake's Tuxedo and Metal Gear Solid costumes in the items list. The M4 
and AK7 rifle will also be placed somewhere within the Tanker.

After completing the game two times, Snake and Raiden will be wearing 

The second time you play the game, Raiden will not only wear sunglasses but 
when you pull out the SOCOM or any other gun, he will be wearing a watch 
on his left hand in first person view. 

Plant chapter: Angry characters: 
When you are covering E.E. with the sniper rifle, shoot a lot of birds. 
They will contact you on the CODEC. The next time you try to save, Rose 
will get mad at you.

Plant chapter: Emma comments:
When you are sniping the guards to get Emma across the oil fence, get Snake 
to snipe for you. Use the directional microphone to listen to Emma talk to 
herself. She says things about how she thinks Raiden is cute. 

Defeating the Metal Gear RAYS:
Use the following strategy under the hard difficulty setting. In the first part, 
the organization of the machines allows you to win easier if it is done fast. 
Quickly hit the machine in the middle, then hit the machine in the right corner, 
followed by the one in the left corner -- always one leg and one head, so that 
it starts again. Do this three times and on the fourth quickly select which 
machine you want to fight and hit it. In the second part, run towards to avoid 
the machine's attack. Stay in the middle to prevent being attacked by homing 
missiles and getting stomped. If you get in position and can hit it, attack fast 
but concentrate on the head. The position makes it more difficulty but you have 
two chances. When the machine near attacks quickly escape from it. If you stay 
exactly in the front the others, the machines will hardly attack. During the 
beam attack, quickly avoid it and use the Stinger. To detect the beam, note that 
the near machine will face your horizontal line and nod before attacking. At that 
moment, avoid. After the near machine is defeated the two others will usually 
prepare to approach you. Try to guess your next opponent and take his life down 
and hit the other consecutively. Note: If you get far from the machines and go 
back, the near machine will usually launch horizontal homing missiles. Watch 
what the near machine is doing or wait for its attack to become safe to quickly 
avoid it. Do not run forward until you are safe or the machine will get you. 

Defeating Solidus:
In the final battle with Solidus, before he sheds the tentacles from his suit, 
you can run off the side of the building and hang on the ledge. Solidus will 
come over and say "What are you doing?" and go for an overhead double sword 
strike. When he does this, press the button to climb back up and Solidus's 
attack will go through you, giving you a free shot at him. This can also be 
done to avoid his homing missiles, but you have to climb back up at just the 
right time to avoid all four.

Defeating Vamp:
As soon as the fight begins, run over to Vamp and get as close as possible to 
him without falling into the water. Quickly equip the stinger missile launcher 
and begin to constantly bombard him with missiles. Tap the button as fast as 
possible to defeat him in about fifteen seconds.

Choking enemies:
A silent and reliable method for knocking out an enemy is to choke them until 
they lose consciousness. However, this technique has an extremely high chance 
of "accidental death" due to the enemy's neck breaking. It takes eleven chokes 
including the initial grab to eliminate the enemy. Therefore, choking the enemy 
nine to ten times will result in the enemy being "knocked out". 

Codec comments:
When playing as Raiden in the Plant chapter, go into strut C after the intermission
sequence where Vamp kills the SEALS. Go into the women's bathroom, open a stall, 
then go into first person view. Look at the toilet. This may require a few times 
attempts. Call the colonel and he and Rose will be mad at you and Rose will not 
let you save the game. You can also go into the men's bathroom and call the 
colonel when looking at the urinal and he will excuse Rose.

Guard with red eyes:
Whenever you kill a guard and shoot his eyes, they normally will not get bloody.
However, there is a guard in the Plant chapter where this does not happen. After 
you have defeated the Harrier you will proceed to a path on the side of one Shell.
You should find a guard on the roof that urinates off of it. Use your silenced 
AK to shoot him down. This is very difficult, but you can have a chance to shoot 
his head when he speaks about his urge to urinate. If you miss the first time, 
shoot the wall under him. He will walk to the noise, then return and begin 
talking again, giving you another chance. When he falls, approach his corpse 
and shoot his eyes, which still will be open. They will have blood in them.

Knock out guard with cigarette:
Have Snake or Raiden put a cigarette in his mouth. Then, hold up an enemy and 
move as close as possible to him. He will start to cough. After he coughs about
four or five times, he will fall and become stunned.

More air and grip:
To make your O2 or GRIP gauge decrease slower, make sure you have full health.
Use Rations to restore your health if needed.

Waking the President:
In the Plant chapter in the Extreme and European Extreme modes, you have to wake
up the President. To do this, throw a stun grenade at the wall directly in front
of the elevator. When he wakes up, go to the wall and put your back against it. 
Then, find a location where there are no crates and keep knocking. When he gets 
there, run to the place where you have to shoot out the Nikita. 
That will distract him and move him from the electric box.

Bird talk:
Go to B2 of the Shell 1 Core. Eliminate all guards and find the caged parrot. You
can teach it to say "You must be Ames" by pointing the Directional Mic at it and 
pressing Action several times. Firing different weapons at the bird will also 
cause it to say new things. For example, Coolant Spray will cause the bird to say
"This sucks". When you are in the computer room on B1 of the Shell 1 Core with 
guards in it, if you shoot the bird, he will say "Enemy spotted, send reinforcements"
and the game will enter Alert mode. 

Scared woman:
In Shell 1 Core: Main Hall, go to the flag pole. Put the D Mic up and press [Action]
near the woman. Raiden should ask her if she is Ames. Look at her and the floor near
her to see that it starts turning yellow.

Secret passage:
In the Holds 2 room, go all the way to the left to find a hatch. Open it, and you 
will climb down into a small area. Crouch and go through the vent on the ground. 
You will eventually see a gun clip fall through and a man will start talking. His
shadow will be on the ground. Wait there until his shadow leaves, then move through
the area. After you get past that, you will reach an opening and an intermission 
sequence will begin. After it ends, crawl through a vent on the right side of the
small room. After you crawl through, you will find a ladder. Climb up the ladder,
and it will lead you to a small perch. Look down at the bottom of Metal Gear RAY,
and you will see Ocelot standing there. He will then go away. You can keep doing 
this and experiment with things to do with Ocelot. 

Defeating Genola:
When you play the VR Missions as Metal Gear Solid 1 Snake, you will have to fight 
Genola. To defeat him, simply aim the Stinger Missile Launcher up and look for a 
lock-on square. Lock on to it and shoot a missile. When it hits, Mech Genola will
appear and defeat Genloa.

Domino effect with guards:
In the holds, stand next to any guard and do the punch, punch, kick combo. They 
will go flying, knocking down almost half of the guards. Also grab the guards by 
the projectors and hold them up. Then, do the combo for longer distance.

Knock out guard with cigarette:
Have Snake or Raiden put a cigarette in his mouth. Then, hold up an enemy and move
as close as possible to him. He will start to cough. After he coughs about four or
five times, he will fall and become stunned.

Choking enemies:
A silent and reliable method for knocking out an enemy is to choke them until they
lose consciousness. However, this technique has an extremely high chance of 
"accidental death" due to the enemy's neck breaking. It takes eleven chokes 
including the initial grab to eliminate the enemy. Therefore, choking the enemy
nine to ten times will result in the enemy being "knocked out". 

Panicked guard:
Go to an area where there is only one soldier (such as the Strut E heliport). Shoot
the soldier with the tranquilizer. Next, shoot him with the SOCOM gun in the arm. 
Take out your tranquilizer and shoot his radio so he cannot use it. Wake him up by
spraying him with Coolant. When he wakes up, run and hide somewhere for a few seconds.
After that, run in front of him. He will be alerted and try to radio in. After two 
attempts to radio in, he will run to find another comrade to help.

Hold up a guard. Afterwards, shoot him in the arm, the leg, then his radio. Stand 
in front of him and disarm you weapon. He will attempt to call for help, then 
helplessly limp away.

Go to hostage room in Shell 1 Core and find Jennifer. Note: She does not have a gag.
Use your directional microphone two times to ask her. The second time she answers 
"Stop don't touch me!", because she was violated by guards.

Codec comments:
When on the Plant chapter, after getting the Stinger Missiles find an area where
there are seagulls . Lock on one of them and fire a missile. The colonel and Rose
will call you on the Codec with a funny message.

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