Microsoft Baseball 2000 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Microsoft Baseball 2000 
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 Microsoft Baseball 2000 Cheats

Microsoft Baseball 2000

View programmer baseball cards:
Press "S" to have the batter spit. Keep pressing that key until the
programmer baseball cards appear. 

Secret Teams:
Click on Help and then About Baseball 2000. Now, on the first occurance
of Wizbang, right click the mouse twice. It's on the 2nd line of the 
Copyright Declaration. Do that and you will be awarded a Special Team.

Special Teams:
Microsoft - Play with guys at Microsoft.
Wizbang   - Developers in Ball Uniforms (including women).
Robots    - No squeaky hinges.

Training mode:
Press [Ctrl] + T to practice pitching and fielding. 

Unlimited outs:
Hold [Ctrl] + R while at bat. The sound of a gun will confirm correct code
entry. Repeat this code to return to normal. 

Super curveball:
When using Ramon Martinez of the Boston Red Sox as a pitcher, press "S" to
throw a 107 mph curveball, even though it is not one of his listed pitches. 

Walk around in the stadium:
When you are pitching and a player hits the ball, you have to ground it or
catch it. Run behind home plate, then run on the dugout. Keep on running 
until you want to stop. Note: It will take a long time to get out.

* Pressing [Ctrl]-T will bring up a Training mode that allows you to practice
  pitching and fielding. 

* This game plays like the real thing, so pitch inside for batters that crowd
  the plate and aim for the corners for sluggers like Mark McGwire.

* Use the Home Run Derby to get used to swinging the bat. 

* While batting, watch the asterisks on the bat--this is the sweet spot.
  Hitting the ball above this mark will result in a grounder; hitting below
  the mark will yield a fly ball. 

* Once you feel comfortable with fielding, adjust your infielders' and 
  outfielders' positions for each batter. This defensive alignment will
  pay dividends.

Pitch a no-hitter:
By pitching to the very bottom inside corner of the strike zone, it's 
almost effortless to pitch a no-hitter. Change the pitch type everytime,
but consistently throw the ball to this area and the batters will either
strike out, ground out in the infield, or fly out well within the park 
in the outfield. 

Around the 7th inning or so, your pitcher may start to lose accuracy and 
the pitches will start ending up too far in the strike zone allowing for 
hits, or two far out resulting in walks. If you see this happening, just 
switch to a fresh pitcher and repeat the process.

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