Microsoft Golf 1999 Edition Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Microsoft Golf 1999 Edition 
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 Microsoft Golf 1999 Edition Cheats

Microsoft Golf 1999 Edition

Always Hit Straight: 
This code only works with natural swing. To hit straight on all
of your shots, place a ruler on the left of the mouse then hold
the left mouse button and pull back then push forward the mouse,
or opposite if you are left handed. 

Tip 1:
If you opt for the natural swing and must win at all costs, run
your mouse along the side of any straight edge for both backswing
and stroke. Your online opponents will never know what hit them. 

Tip 2:
The default club selection isn't up to par (so to speak), particularly
for short chips. Downsize to a club that's rated slightly shorter than
what's recommended for the distance, and you'll have more success. 

Tip 3:
Sand traps don't cause the trouble they do in real life. If faced 
with the choice of possibly playing right into one or having to go
around it, take the straight-on approach and deal with the relatively
easy beach. 

Tip 4:
Two-piece surlyn balls seem to get 10 to15 percent more distance and
really aren't that unruly around the green. 

Tip 5:
Unless you consider patience to be a virtue, don't go for the minimum
install. Of course, you may enjoy sitting around picking your teeth 
or an alternate body part.

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