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  Hints and Tips for: Midnight Quest 
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 Midnight Quest Cheats

Midnight Quest

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Walkthrough and Achievements Guide:
Written by Hanni

-=The Mansion=-

Complete half of the tutorial and solve the first puzzle.

Midnight Quest - Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

Pull the lever on your left, take the robot's arm and note the time on one of 
the pictures.
Go to the very left and change the clock hands to: 01:20
Obtain the wire and combine it with the robot's arm. Get the broken light bulb.
Leave the laboratory. 

Exit the laboratory
Pick up the paper with a cheese symbol from the floor.
Use the elevator to reach floor 2.
Take the lantern, add the paper with a cheese symbol to the wall next to the
 cook and press the red button.
Eat the sandwich and obtain a piece of cheese.
Use the elevator to get access to floor 3 and take the aquarium. 
Throw it out of the window.

Throw aquarium out of the window

Walk to the left and take a light bulb and the mouse with the help of the piece of cheese.
Take the spade and the candle which is on the very left.
Go back to floor 2, put the mouse in the "Rat-O-Tron" and get the first 
part of a red megaphone.
Illuminate the candle with the stove's help and combine it with the lantern.
Leave the house through the main door on the ground floor.
Go to the yard on the left and repair one of the lamps with the light bulb. Light them up! 

-=Master of puzzles=-
Turn on lights in the backyard

Dig a hole on the marked location and get a piggy bank.
Use the elevator to reach floor 3 and throw the piggy bank out of the window. 
Go down, take a piece of paper and head back to floor 3.
Use the piece of paper on the circles and open the glass cabinet. 

Take the second part of a megaphone and repair it.
Leave the house and wake up your sleeping neighbor.

-=Sudden awakening=-
Wake the driver
Enter the car and travel to the nearby town.

-=The Town
After your friend got arrested take the watering can and enter the "Stock" building.
Take the scissors and a LED.
Leave and enter the central house.
Take the broken glasses, the pliers and the hammer as well as another LED.
Go upstairs and climb up the ladder on the right.
Cut the rope and climb down the ladder.
Go through the door on the very left and enter the police station.
Use the two LEDs on the machine and switch it on. 
It will show you a hidden code: 4093 
Water the dried plant and take a piece of it.
Walk to some lockers and open one of them with the help of the LED code.
Obtain a comb, a roll of film and look out of the left window.
Cut the radio's antenna and go back to the central house.
Use the roll of film on the projector and note the combination. 
Open the fridge: 124 and take the nitrogen.
Head back to the police station and go downstairs.
Steal a red pen from the police desk.
Freeze the lock with some N2 and destroy it with the hammer.

Free the driver from prison
Take a bank note and a boot and go back to the "Stock" building.
Give the plant to the cat and use the comb to get some hair.
Put on the mustache and use the boot for deactivating the bear trap.

Make sure to copy your save - otherwise you will have to replay the game. 
It is located in: AppData\LocalLow\SergeyRomanko\MidnightQuest

Complete the tower puzzle with only one missed cell.

-=Good player=-
Win Stacker mini-game having lost only one cell
Load the save and complete the tower puzzle without a single missed cell.

-=Experienced player
Win Stacker mini-game without losing any cell
Take the magnifying glass and combine it with the broken glasses.
Go to the central building and give the glasses to the repairman.
Give him the broken light bulb and some money.
Go upstairs and walk to the very right.
Use the coin to activate the electric machine and touch it.
Head back to the prison cell and look out of the window.
Use the red pen to change the wanted poster.
Go to the car and leave.

Get out of town

-=The Robber's Hut=-
Wake up, take a nail and go to the right. Climb up the ladder.
Take a broom and a cooking pot as well as an axe.
Interact with the jumping jack puppet and remember the sequence.
Take the bust and place the cooking pot on the oven. Go further to the left.
Take the fishing rod and scare away the spider with the broom.
Get the cobweb and combine it with the fishing rod. Use the nail as a hook.
Climb down the ladder and open the safe: r - l - r - l - l - r - r
Obtain the dynamite and open the hatch.
Get the matches with the fishing rod. Make sure that the robbers are 
not watching you.
Close the hatch and destroy the very left door with dynamite.
Rescue your friend and take a rope as well as some dried herbs with blue berries.
Go to the very right and chop some wood with the axe. Get the wood pieces.
Climb up the ladder and put the herbs in the cooking pot. Make a fire.
Take the cooking pot and go back to the room where you rescued your friend.
Put the liquid in the robber's beer and wait until all robbers sleep.

-=Clever trick=-
Put robbers to sleep
Combine the bust with the rope and put them on the big white antler.
Go downstairs, take the keys and leave.

-=The Bridge=-
Go downstairs, take a stone block and enter the bridge's control station.
Remember the codes. 
Climb down the ladder and open door #14. Take the screwdriver.
Continue your journey downstairs and open another door #14. Take the saw.
Go to the right and use the screwdriver to get rid of a ventilation grid.
Use the stone brick to activate the ladder permanently.
Solve the puzzle. 
Go to the left and take a handgrip.
Leave the control station and obtain a blue crystal from the skeleton by 
using the saw on it.
Head back to the station and climb the first ladder down. Go to the very right.
Use the grip on the hook and place the crystal.
Climb down the second ladder and change the mirror's position until three 
symbols are marked. 
Use them to open the door on the left.
Connect the bridge and leave.

-=The Mansion's Cellar=-
Enter the mansion and use the keys to get access to the cellar via elevator.
As soon as you are in the basement go to the very left and take the welder. 
Climb down the ladder and take a small barrel as well as a bucket.
Use the welder on the bars and go through the hole.
Take the valve and go back and climb up the ladder.
Put the barrel in the saw input section and climb down again.
Press the red button several times (5x).
Take the piece of paper and climb up the ladder again. Go to the very right.
Complete the pattern and remember it.
Go downstairs and remove the padlock which is blocking the paint tank. 

-=Keyboard lock=-
Find the correct combination of buttons

Place the bucket and the valve to obtain some red paint.
Go through the hole and fill the pipes with red paint. 
Go to the left door and open it: 376
Turn on the power and go to the laboratory.
Change the light bulb, interact with the lever and travel back in time.

-=Time Traveler=-
Journey through time

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