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  Hints and Tips for: Migo Land 
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 Migo Land Cheats

Migo Land

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by. David K

Unlockable - CARS:
To get cars.

Unlockable    How
police car  - Go to your home then press [F5].
helicopter  - Got to your home then press [F6].
sport cars  - Go to your home then press [F7].

Shirt less:
Wanna learn to get your shirt off!? ok well you need a migo land account, then you 
need two people. ok then you play snowball. Then the person who owns the home puts 
a chair under you. Then your shirt less.

How to be "Invisible":
Submitted by: logan micheal comstock

You can turn invisible, by the things you need is 
1. A castle of any kind. 
2. you need at least 1 friend who's house is locked. 
Now go to the bottom of your "castle" then go to friends. 
Find a friends house who's locked, while going up in the middle of the stair way "click" 
go to house. It'll say, "This house is locked. Please try again some other time. Then you
will walk down and you should be "Invisible" And YOU shouldn't be able to see, "Yourself!"

How to walk on walls:
Submitted by: gage

First u need a castle go down staris go back up when your have way in the staris go to map
tap migopolis then u will be on the walls then u can finally u can go on the rodes thanks 
for reading this.

How to stay in a house when someone kicks you out:
When the person kicks you out don't press ok. Wait a little bit then press OK. Taa da!
You'll still be there! be warned it only works sometimes.

How to walk on walls 2:
Submitted by: Grp

Well first you need a small country house. Then you need to go into the top-midle corner 
and put any kind of furniture that isnt a rug or a lamp and then take it off of you and BINGO! 
you can walk on walls in your own house and you can make other people fly too

Submitted by: veronica-merreltwins

You must have our history cleared then go to castle rise and stand in front of the gate then open
(caveman/5 in a row) and then wait the loading then go throught the gate, then open snowman game 
then before it loads go through the gate then the (caveman/5 in a row) must appear and then play 
u will get lesser for caveman but its faster! :)


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