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  Hints and Tips for: Mini Battlegrounds 
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 Mini Battlegrounds Cheats

Mini Battlegrounds

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

There are 3 different useable vehicles in this game.

-=Red car=-
Size: small
Speed: fast
Health: low

Use this one to get around quickly and loot in early minutes of the game.
Be careful with good equiped players because of the cars low health.
Get a more defensive one or leave the car in time when getting close to enemies.
-=Black van=-
Size: medium
Speed: medium
Health: medium

Better defensive stats but slower speed than the red car.
Less maneuverable and less acceleration make it feel a little sluggish.
The bigger size makes it easier to hit people in open area.
Itís a all-rounder but canít do anything specifically good.

-=Blue truck=-
Size: huge
Speed: slow
Health: huge

Slow and nearly no acceleration.
Itís heavily armored and can tank quite some damage.
This huge car is quite hard to dodge without cover.

-=Things to keep in mind when playing with/against vehicles=-
* You can get damaged in cars by RPGs, grenades and other cars exploding.
* You only see the cars healthbar while in it.
* If you get out of a vehicle while driving youíll take notable damage.
* Cars exploding deal 1000 splashdamage, oneshotting everyone in or close to them.
* Cars getting stuck need time to regain speed and are an easy target.
* Cars can be used to run people over, but they wonít get onehitted.
* The driverseat is on the left side for all vehicles.
* Vehicles donít take damage from hitting anything except other cars.
* The red car can enter all buildings. 
* The black van and blue truck can enter some of them.

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