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  Hints and Tips for: Mini-Dead 
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 Mini-Dead Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievements:
Written by BakbikReaper

Here is Mini-Dead 100% Achievements Guide. 

-=Fetus Dead=-
You need to kill Fetus, the first boss.

-=Learn his basic attacks=-
* Fetus shoot with his hand – it means a wall will come from the side 
  he shoot at and you need to get out from there is fast as possible, 
  it makes damage.

* Fetus point at one side – it means a lazer will come from this side. 
  get out of the side and dodge.

* Fetus turns his hand – you will see a small circle, get out of the circle 
  quickly as possible – it makes damage.

-=Iris Dead=
You need to kill Iris, the second boss.
Learn his basic attacks:

* Iris shoot – dodge by teleport through his shoots or walk carefully.

* Summon a monster – dodge with the teleport through the monster or move in 
  a small circle around it and don’t let the monster catch you.
  You can’t deal damage to monster, the monster will disappear alone.

* A wall from right side – just try not to be on right side, sometimes a 
  fast wall will come from this side.
  just stay on left and dodge through the wall.

-=Beserker Dead=-
You need to kill Beserker, the third and the last boss in the game.
Learn his basic attacks:
* Fight with his sword – when he starts attacking with his sword, just go 
  away and don’t be close.

* Standing with halo around him then fight with sword – take some distance 
  and when he coming to you, dodge fast [telport through him]

* Shoot arrows with bow – dodge slow from side to side, be sure the arrows 
  are not in your way.

-=What Have You Done=-
You need to beat the secret level (combination of all three bosses)
Just click on the little fire guy on the main screen.

The secret level is very difficult – you will need many attempts do to it, 
but i’m sure you can manage that (:

Anyways, some tips that might help you:
* Always pay attention to Fetus hands, until he shoot and the wall comes – 
  then pay attention to other bosses for like 5 seconds and then pay attention
  to fetus hands again.

* Try not to be on the right side if it’s possible – Iris wall is pretty annyoing.

* Pay attention to Beserker bow, and pay attention to him when he is standing 
  with halo around him and about to fast attack.

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