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  Hints and Tips for: Mirror 
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 Mirror Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get the 200% Rage (Hell Hath no Fury Achievement Guide):
Written by Beziko

My easiest way i found to get that 200% rage after changes in gameplay.

Many of you probably get that game for that two things that every enemy have 
in this game, but stay for 100% achievements, don't you? You get frustrated by 
rage achievement and have no idea how to get it? You came to the good place! 
I will guide you with my easiest way i found to charge this stupid thing.

Let's begin!

Before we start, you must prepare for the battle.

* Beat the game. You must unlock challenge mode to earn this.
* Upgrade you rage to maximum (it will be easier after).
* Unlock Active skills: Flame Pepper, Diamond Hourglass and set them on your list.
* Unlock super gem skill Hot Blood (also rage skill Rejuvenation- it's optional 
  but helps a lot) for rage.
* Unlock skills: Life Drain, Curse, Luck 
  (i will tell you later why you need them).
* Have upgraded life and heal to at least 4lvl.

Also i prefer doing all other achievements before doing this. You will have 
everything unlocked, can spend money on more upgrades etc. You don't need to maximize 
you magic and attack damage, even better if you stay with that max 4th level with them.

Beating the Mea... I Mean Achievement!

When you get everything you need, setup your skills on the left by default or anything 
you like to play, but for the easiest way to win without losing Challenge Points.

On the right setup Flame Pepper, Diamond, Hourglass + anything that will let you survive 
(i prefer Cross, but that will do their job too if you use them in good time: Exorcism 
Potion, Healing Potion) After that you are ready for battle. 

Go to Challenge room; you can't fight with Martha on first level! She is our target in
this gameplay, but we need to get her at least in 3rd level (it's possible on 2nd but 
only if you get at least 2200 Challenge points after first one).

-=Why that sweet religious girl is our target?=-
She is doing least damage in challenge mode compared to other girsl. Also our enemy 
need to survive at least 30 moves or more if you don't have enough Challenge Points.

I know, it's random and can take much time before done, but if you know how the game 
works it should be fast. I recommend restarting challenge mode after beating 1-4 and 
we don't get Martha on 2-1; it's getting too hard and it would force you to waste 
too many points and skills.

Ok, so we got Martha and we have at least 2200 points, what to do now.

First, setup your skills on the left like this:

You will do least damage you can + this will let you survive much damage by heals 
and weakening her attacks.

-=Second Important=-
Use the skill Flame Pepper and buy new one. It will boost you and you will get faster 
to 110%. Why using it on start? Because after buying another it becomes unavailable 
for 30 turns.

Play the game as normal and focus on getting rage as fast as you can. When she put 
a feather on board, let it stay. We don't need to kill her and even better if she 
heals to maximum.

Don't use any diamonds on board if you get or at least stay with one. Before you 
get to 110% don't let her HP get under x8, we can kill her easily with much rage 
and getting random combos. If you see that her HP is low, try to match only 3 gems 
that will not make reaction with other, so she can heal fast. If you don't have 
time, don't worry. This is why you took Hourglass on this journey- just use it.

If you got 110% you are ready to end this. Use your Flame Pepper after 30rd turn;
buy another one and use it too. Use diamond on board (or put one with you skills) 
and you're done with 200% Rage!

Martha will burn from that fire coming out of your body.

I hope i helped someone getting that stupid achievement. 
It can be possible with other girls but much harder.

Lin's Pain and Pleasure Achievements:
Written by inksolblind

How to get 1000 points with Lin.

-=Pain Route=-
Choose option: "Nibble toughly".
Dild to her face or smack her tushy.
Choose option: "Wildly".
Dild her face or smack her tushy.
Receive bad ending.

-=Pleasure Route=-
Choose option: "Kiss gently".
Grope her thigh until you reach 450, then lick the back of her calf.
Choose option: "Gently".
Lick her meow twice, then dild her holes.
Receive good ending.

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