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  Hints and Tips for: Miss Teri Tale 
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 Miss Teri Tale Cheats

Miss Teri Tale

This game has a unique hint system, four leaf clovers! Click them only if you
need a hint! Picking up clovers throughout the game will give you more hint 
options. If you run out of clovers, you can return to your office at anytime
to find 2 more. You cannot have more than 5 clovers at one time.

Scratch Pad:
The scratch pad will list the objects you need to find throughout the game, if
you can't find it which I'm sure you can look on top of the red boxes. 
NOTE: you CANNOT click on an object BEFORE it appears on your list

Time Limit:
Your cell phone shows how much time you have to complete a search. Your office 
does not have a time limit.

You can read the paper to find out what's going on in Peeking Town.

Find the map to leave your office.

Finding Objects:
Do not necessarily look for objects in the color you expect them to be (ie pink 
flamingo), this game has many items blending in with its surroundings. Be sure 
to look more the shape of the object and once you click on it, it will turn to 
it's expected color.
NOTE: Throughout the levels you'll be asked to find a "compass", this is NOT the
kind that helps you find your way of the woods if you're lost, you are looking 
for the kind that draws a perfect circle.

Game End:
Once finished BE SURE to click EPILOUGE… you are in for a surprise.

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