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  Hints and Tips for: Moeboid 
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 Moeboid Cheats


General strategy:
Submitted by: RM

Go after the largest amoebas possible. Using too much energy will shorten 
lifespan. Stay near the edge of the Petri dish when new types of amoebas 

ZapSpot Scientists' Theories of Moeboid Relativity:
The ZapSpot scientists have spent many hours behind the microscope observing
and modeling the behaviors of successful Moeboids and have come to several 

*Moeboids with too much energy tend to have much shorter lives.
*Intelligent Moeboids tend to pursue the largest amoebas possible.
*Some amoebas are able to harness some sort of "braking power" adaptation by
 using ALL of their pseudopod directionals at the same time.
*Moeboids without a death wish tend to stay near the edges of the petri dish
 when new types of amoebas begin to appear.
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