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  Hints and Tips for: Monday Night Combat 
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 Monday Night Combat Cheats

Monday Night Combat

Submitted by: Arju

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view 
your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", 
then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                      Description
Sacker (10 points)            - Achieve 15 kills in a Crossfire Match.
Hot Streak (10 points)        - Achieve a 3 kill streak in a Crossfire match.
Exhibitor (10 points)         - Complete "Exhibition" Blitz mode.
Seasoned Veteran (15 points)  - Complete "Season" Blitz mode.
All Star (15 points)          - Complete "Playoff" Blitz mode.
Outta My House! (20 points)   - Achieve a Ring Out during a Crossfire match.
Grappler (20 points)          - Achieve 10 grapple kills in a Crossfire match.
Flapjack Master (20 points)   - Achieve a pancake on an opposing player using 
                              - the Gunner's 
                              - Ground Slam ability.
MVP (20 points)               - Achieve Most Valuable Player in a Crossfire Match.
Elusive (20 points)           - Complete "The Scramble" Blitz mode.
Caught 'em Nappin' (20 points)- Achieve a kill on an opposing player while they 
                                are upgrading skills in a Crossfire match.
3-fer (20 points)             - Achieve a Triple Kill.

Avatar Awards:
Submitted by: Arju

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award:

Mascot mask               - Meet the mascot in the tutorial.
Monday Night Combat shirt - Successfully complete Exhibition Blitz mode.

All trophis:
Submitted by: Mazid
Email :

3-fer               - Achieved a Triple Kill.
All Star Sacker     - Score 30 Kills in a Crossfire Match.
All Star            - Completed "playoff" blitz mode.
All Time Great      - Score a 6 Kill Multikill.
Bacon Hunter        - Collect 100 bacon pickups.
Big Break           - Score 100,000 Kills on Slim Bots.
Break The Armor     - Destroy 2,500 rockit turrets.
Bzzz                - Score 100,000 Kills on Buzzers.
Grappler            - Achieved 10 grapple kills in a Crossfire match.
Ground Rule         - Score 2,500 Kills on Gap Shots.
Ground Zero         - Attach a Support Air Strike Beacon to an enemy Pro.
Head Crab           - Attach an Assault Bomb to an enemy Pro.
Hell Mary           - Destroy 2,500 long shot turrets.
Hot Streak          - Achieved a 3 kill streak in a Crossfire match.
Caught 'em Nappin'  - Achieved a kill on an opposing player while they were upgrading skills 
                      in a Crossfire match.
Center of Attention - Score 2,500 Kills with Assault's Rifle.
Drop The Boom       - Score 2,500 Kills with the Sniper Rifle.
Elusive             - Completed "the scramble" blitz mode.
Exhibitor           - Completed "exhibition" blitz mode.
Flapjack Master     - Achieved a pancake on an opposing player using the Gunner's Ground 
                      Slam ability.
G's                 - Score 100,000 Kills on Gremlins.
Get Out Of Here     - Score 150 ejector kills.
Global Warming      - Destroy 2,500 shave ice turrets.
Grand Prize         - Score 1,000 Kills on Jackbot XLs.
House Wins          - Score 100,000 Kills on Black Jacks.
Humiliation         - Score a Kill with a melee attack.
I Got Candy!        - Pickup a total of 100 prizes is one match.
Into The Breach     - Destroy 2,500 lazer blazer turrets.
Keep 'Em Down       - Score 2,500 Kills with the Gunner's Minigun or Dual Minigun.
Lich                - Score 2,500 Kills on Scramblers.
Mvp                 - Achieved "Most Valuable Player" in a Crossfire match.
Ninja               - Score 2,500 Kills with the Assassin's Dagger or Sword.
Outta My House!     - Achieved a Ring Out during a Crossfire match.
Over 9000           - Recieve over $9,000 in lifetime earnings after a Crossfire Match.
Overdose            - Use juice 7 times in one match.
Spin N Juice        - Score a Kill with the Jet Gun's alternate fire spin while juiced.
Stand N Deliver     - Build or Upgrade a RockIt Turret 500 times.
Strike It XL        - Score 2 Jackbot Kills in a single Crossfire Match.
Team Leader         - Score the most kills in a single Crossfire Match.
Team Player         - Score the most assists in a single Crossfire Match.
The Draw            - Score 2,500 Kills with Support's Heal/Hurt Gun.
Pew Pew             - Build or Upgrade a Lazer Blazer Turret 500 times.
Red Hot             - Score 2,500 Kills with the Tank's Jet Gun.
Ringouts            - Score 150 Ringouts.
Rookie              - Finish tutorial.
Sacker              - Achieved 15 kills in a Crossfire match.
Seasoned Veteran    - Completed "season" blitz mode.
Speed Kills         - Build or Upgrade a Shave Ice Turret 500 times.
Thrown Out          - Score 2,500 Kills on Bouncers.
Uber Streak         - Score a 25 Kill Streak.


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