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 Monopoly (1995) Cheats

Monopoly (1995)

Cheap purchases:
Play against the CPU and land on an unowned property. Place the property 
up for auction. Keep bidding $10 to win the auction as no other player 
can challenge your offer. 

Cheat Codes:
Enable the "Cheating is allowed" selection under the "Custom rules" option
by clicking on it. Then, press [Plus] when rolling the dice to move one 
space forward or [Minus] to move one space back.

Cheat mode (WM edition):
Type "gimmesheep" during game play.

Unlimited money:
Type "I'm Bill Gates, I'm VERY rich!" (case-sensitive). 

Hotel before house:
When you choose to buy buildings, after the third house is set on
the property the next building is a hotel, instead of the fourth 

How to hack *.mno files:
This is guide to hacking Monopoly CD-ROM game (*.mno) files.
* To make use of this guide, you need a hex editor.

FILES: ----------------------------------------------------------

(seems to have something to do with Chance/Community Chest cards)
(game board status)
GSE cash in Free Parking (reverse hex pairs, maximum of four bytes)
PROPERTY STATUS (22 buildable properties, 2 utilities, 4 railroads)
PD0 number of player owning property (00h = player 1, 05h = player 6)
PD1 number of houses on lot (00h = zero, 05h = hotel)
PD2 mortgage status (00h = unmortgaged, 01h = mortgaged)
PL0 name of player (user-entered character string)
PL1 cash on hand (reverse hex pairs, maximum of four bytes)
PL2 current position on board (00h = GO, 27h = Boardwalk)
PL3 token identifier 00 - cannon 01 - car 02 - dog 03 - hat 04 - iron 05
     - horse 06 - ship 07 - shoe 08 - thimble 09 - wheelbarrow
PL5 player type 00 - human at computer 01 - computer AI file 02
     - human on internet/LAN
PL9 (maximum of 28 bytes)

Customize game:
Use a text editor to edit the "" file in the "AI" directory in the game
folder. You can change the values as desired to affect how the CPU characters play.
Note: The number after the street names determine how much the character likes that
property. The higher the number, the more desirable it is with 200 being the maximum

Master cheat of sunny:
Submitted by: siddharth

trade all tickets of opponent in 1 dollor, opponent will decline it keep reapeating 
this action and opponent will not decline.

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