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  Hints and Tips for: Monster Hunter: World 
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 Monster Hunter: World Cheats

Monster Hunter: World

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Angling For A Bite" achievement:
You will automatically have a fishing rod in your inventory after you 
complete the prologue (when you reach Astera for the first time and get 
your weapons). Go on an expedition (for example, in the Ancient Forest), 
and find a small lake or go to the ocean. Select the fishing rod and aim 
it at the water. As soon as a fish bites (food starts moving), immediately 
reel in the fish. An easy fishing spot is on the Ancient Forest map, 
Southwest Camp (1). Just a little east of the camp you can see a pool 
of water on the map.

Secret Horizon: Zero Dawn costume:
For a limited time, you can unlock a special Horizon: Zero Dawn costume for your 
Palico. It turns them into a Watcher robot from Horizon: Zero Dawn, including 
the Watcher grinder melee weapon. To get it, progress through the game until you 
reach HR 6 or higher, and select the "Lessons Of The Wild" special event. This 
arena fight requires you to fight eight flying Barons, which is not too hard. 
You will be rewarded with a watcher lense. To get the full Watcher body armor 
and Watcher grinder, you need to complete the event three times to get three 
watcher lenses.

Easy money:
Progress in the story until you unlock the "Prickly Predicament" three star 
optinal quest. Talk to the Chief Botanist in the Botanical Research section to 
get the quest. Complete it by collecting 20 Cactuses, then return to him to 
unlock the ability to cultivate and grow Might Seeds. The Might Seeds are 
extremely valuable and can be sold for 140 zenny. Simply place a might seed in 
the cultivation slot and let it multiply while you are out doing quests. After 
you return from quests, grab the might seeds and sell them at the shop. To speed 
the farming process up, unlock the second cultivating slot to grow twice as much. 
To unlock the second cultivating slot, complete the "Persistent Pests" four 
star optional quest.

Wear the Bandit Mantle for monsters to drop rare trade-in items when attacked. 
To get the Bandit Mantle, complete the "Redefining The Power Couple" five star 
quest. Trade-in items are essentially junk items that are only useful for selling. 
They cannot be used to craft or upgrade -- so you do not have to worry about 
selling useful monster parts. To activate the Bandit Mantle, string attacks until 
the mantle begins to glow. Once activated, the effect will last a set amount of 
time, causing items to drop from the monster. Whenever you are doing quests, you 
can earn trade-in items with it. The higher level the monster, the more valuable 
the trade-in items. Everyone in your team can also use the Bandit Mantle, 
multiplying your earnings. Go back and fight weak monsters from earlier quests 
using your high-level gear, and you can get 10,000+ zenny in a few minutes. If 
all allies are wearing Bandit Mantles, you can get more than 30,000+ zenny in a 
few minutes.

Easy Armor Spheres:
Armor Spheres are increasingly important near the end of the game. Armor Sphere 
allow you to upgrade your body armor parts, and you need a lot of them if you want 
to max out your complete set. However, if you stock up on spheres early in the 
game, you can have a good amount to upgrade your favorite armor set towards the 
end. Use the following method to get lots of Armor Spheres. Go to the Resource 
Center in Astera and register bounties. These range from collecting plants to 
slaying monsters. The easiest way by far is to collect items like flora, honey, 
mushrooms, bonepiles, or mining ore. All these items can easily be tracked on the 
world map and completed while you are doing quests. To complete them, return to 
the Resource Center in Astera and turn them in for one armor sphere each. If you 
make it a habit to do bounties before activities and turning them in after, you 
can get 4+ spheres after every 1-2 quest.

Legiana monster location:
Legiana is a monster that can be found in Coral Highlands during the "Embodiment
 Of Elegance" hunting quest. Before you can hunt Legiana, you have to first find 
him, which can be difficult. The Coral Highlands is probably the most difficult 
land to navigate in the game. It is filled with platforms and vertical gameplay 
that can make it easy to get lost. Travel north in Coral Highlands until you reach 
the wide open area in Zone 8. Straight ahead (north) is a large wall you can climb. 
This is the place where you can expect to start seeing footprints and signs of 
Legiana. If you cannot see him in this area, follow the way and climb up towards 
Zone 13 to eventually encounter Legiana.

Unlocking Ropelift:
To unlock the "Ropelift" fast transportation tool, you need to reach Coral Highlands
 and visit the Research Center. Check in with the Airship Engineer on the top floor. 
He will give you a delivery request for five Shamon Hides and one Sturdy Bone. You 
will also have to give 1,000 research points. Both of these delivery items can be 
found in the Coral Highland, and you can quickly get the Ropelift transportation. 
For the Shamon Hides, check the moving enemy dots on the map and hunt five Shamons. 
Sturdy Bones can be found in different bone piles around the Coral Highlands. Once 
you have all materials and research points, go to Astera and complete the delivery 
quest at the resource center to unlock the Ropelift station in Coral Highlands. 
They make it a lot easier to travel around and move up and down the levels.

Unlocking extra meal recipes: 
Whether you are at the Canteen in home base or are sitting by your camp in the field, 
both kitchens are identical. Every meal has set specific ingredients types with a 
small chance of success for the following buffs. You can greatly increase the chances 
of obtaining these buffs by using fresh ingredients. You can further increase the 
potency of the buffs through procuring new ingredient options. Whenever you are at 
home base, go to the kitchen. The chef often has an "!" over his head, indicating he 
has something important to say. Usually he will give you optional quests such as The
 Pain from Gains and Exterminator Of The Waste. The Meowscular Chef can only be found 
at the main kitchen -- so make sure you check from time to time. Get the quests and 
complete them to get new meal recipes.

Easy powerful end-game armor:
Successfully complete the "A Colossal Task" assignment to reach Hunter Rank 11 and 
unlock the High Rank quests, putting you into the end-game. You can now farm Zorah 
Magdaros for powerful armor. Every Zorah Magdaros quest will drop monster materials, 
but the final "A Colossal Task" assignment provides the most. The "A Colossal Task" 
quest will randomly appear on your quest board. There is a chance it will appear at 
any time after returning from a quest and resetting the board, but it is quite rare. 
However, SOS Flares allow you to get around this limitation. Use the online SOS system 
to quickly and easily farm this mission. Additionally, use a daily voucher to increase 
your rare loot drops. You can earn double the materials if you are lucky. 
Use the following steps to easily farm powerful end-game armor:

1. Join/start an online session.
2. Go to the "Quest Counter" and "Join a Quest".
3. Select "Respond to SOS" and set the target to Zorah Magdaros.
4. Search and make sure "Quest Type" is "No Preference".
5. Go to the "Optional" tab, and you should get "Left Quite the Impression". This is 
   the optional quest that will randomly appear on your board. It is identical to the  
   final battle against Zorah Magdaros.
6. During the quest, farm as many mining outcrops as possible to get Dragonite Ore and
   Zorah Carapace. The outcrops will repopulate after a few minutes.
7. When attacking the cores, check for monster materials that drop. 
   Also, watch the falling rocks, as they can also drop monster material.
8. To damage Zorah quicker, use the slinger and launch rocks at the trapped stalactites.
   They will explode and damage Zorah. When the large monster appears, damage Zorah 
   enough to cause it to retreat so you do not have to waste time fighting it.
9. During the third phase, aim for the face to smash his rocky jaw region. 
   Once it cracks, you will get bonus rare materials. Remember that you can load a
   cannon with up to five shots; you do not need to reload after every shot.
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