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  Hints and Tips for: Monster Prom 
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 Monster Prom Cheats

Monster Prom

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Unlock Secret Route: Valerie:

In the game, you will sometimes go to the shop for a stat bonus or to 
simply buy an event item. However, the shopkeeper herself is actually 
an interactable character, in which you learn more about the side 

Your first move should be visiting the library in order to gain +2 wealth, 
so you can perform Step 2 later on.

-=1. Unlocking the Route=-
Arguably the easiest step, in order to perform this, you must visit the 
shopkeep three times in a row without buying anything.

-=2. Meeting Valerie=-
The next step involves sitting at the Shopkeep’s table, which reveals that 
she actually has sprites within the game like other characters! Shortly 
afterwards, she introduces herself as Valerie. Afterwards, the Slayer will 
drop in and Valerie will initate conversation with her, revealing her name.
After some more dialogue, you will be presented with a choice. This is why 
we went to the Library first, in order to gain extra wealth. 
Choose the first option. +Charm +Money.

-=3. The Coven=-
Go to the Library again in order to gain +Money, and do whatever interaction 
is there that time increment (preferably Damian, as we need Boldness for Step 4).
Interact with Valerie’s table in order to start the flag for the next step 
(10+ Money req.)
Head to the Library next turn. You will run into The Coven. Faith, Joy, and 
Hope from left to right. (think).
Go through the dialogue. 
Choose the first choice. (transmedia, video games, marketing). +Smarts.

-=4. The Prince=-
Go to the Bathroom until you have 15+ Boldness.
At noon, click Val’s table.
During evening time, after 15+ Boldness, head to Outdoors at Week 6 Evening.
Anyways, the Prince will arrive and try to steal your love interest AGAIN, 
that blue loser.
Start a Fire in is the correct option if you have 15+ Boldness.
+3 Charm, +3 Boldness.

-=5. Booyah!=-
Prom Day is here, but she isn’t on the list, oh no!
Just kidding, click go alone and Valerie will interact with you once more.
Then, you two will go to prom!
You will get an achievement for your efforts, along with the photo. 
Savor it, it’s rare!!!!

How to Get a Secret Polaroid Ending Picture:
Written by Klötchen

How to get your sweet ending polaroids wich aren't shown in the ending credits!

-=Pretty Sweet Polaroids=-
Ever wondered what the polaroid with Vera and Blue means and why it is not shown 
in the ending credits exept on the pinboard were you can barely see it?

Well thats because it's one of the secret polaroids you can get if you pick the 
right player character and fitting love interest and get them to go to prom with 

So im just gonna write some down who you'll need to pick cuz they're pretty sweet!

* Yellow and Polly
* Red and Scott
* Green and Liam
* Blue and Vera (as you can see on the pinboard)

These Polaroids are going to appear at the very end of the credits and there are 
still some I have not included so have fun finding them!

Secret Ending (Punching the Sun):
Written by Mylingen

Just a little walkthrough with a few ways on how to punch the sun with everyones 
favourite prince of hell.

So, to get started, know that the easiest way to get this is to boost your bold 
stat pretty consistenly, and then throw some points towards either charm or 
creativity as a secondary stat, then either smarts or fun for your third. 

These stat boosts can be gained depending on which answers you pick during the 
quiz, just make sure you select Damien's answer for the third question! Obviously... 

As expected, you need to trigger the first event. (For some reason, this always 
occured at the auditorium for me, and I played through this ending three consecutive 
times) (after publishing this guide, the number has gone up to seven, and I've gone
 through all the possible answers).

Here, Scott and Damien will be arm wrestling: 

Suggest punching the sun (Bold) 
The other answer will not unlock the "quest" to punch the sun... 

Next, Damien asks how he will get to the sun: 

Check WikiHow (Smarts) 
Rent the school spaceship (Bold) 

Third, confrontation with the coven: 

Convince them that the sun is the real big bad (Charm) 
Forge a prophecy (Creative) 

Finally, motivate Damien to achieve his goals!: 

Surprise the sun by attacking at night (Fun) 
Check for answers on the internet (Smarts) 

Now you're ready to ask Damien to prom! Enjoy!

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