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  Hints and Tips for: Monster Basement 
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 Monster Basement Cheats

Monster Basement

1. From the first view where you’re lying up looking at the ceiling, 
   click down to face the steps up from the basement
2. Click up the stairs and examine the two posters and the note on 
   the door for some background information
3. Click the bottom left hand corner of the Godlimations poster to 
   collect a green key
4. Return from the stairs and move right to face the shelves
5. Collect the diary from the top shelf. Use the green key to open it 
   and get some more background information. Make sure you read it all 
   and collect the gold key taped to the end of the diary
6. Click down the left hand side of the shelves to find a metal cylinder
7. Zoom back out and then move left twice to face the table full of 
8. Examine the bin under the table to find an empty spray can and a 
   scrunched up piece of paper. Open the paper to reveal a message 
   reading “Call Salvation”
9. Zoom out and then zoom in on the experiments on the table itself
10. Collect the gold support stand
11. Hold the empty spray can and fill it from the experiment beaker
12. Zoom out and zoom in on the three drawers on the left hand side. 
    Open the middle drawer to collect the phone number for the ‘Handy 
    Man’, use the gold key on the bottom drawer and collect the gold 
13. Zoom out and lift up the phone. Dial the number for the ‘handy man’
    and watch out for the messages
14. When you’ve read that there was a noise at the door, go back up the 
    basement stairs to find the ‘handy man’ has delivered a envelope. 
    Open it to get a rather gruesome screwdriver
15. Move back to the telephone and using the note to ‘Call Salvation’ 
    equate the letters of ‘Salvation’ to their equivalents on a phone 
    keypad. Lift up the receiver and dial the number - 725828466 -  
    Again watch for the messages and collect the envelope delivered by 
    the Salvation Army when it arrives. Open it to collect a fish symbol
16. Face the steps again and use the spray can on the flies buzzing round
    the bloody table and the axe. When they have gone collect the axe
17. Click the light switch to turn the lights off and then look up at the 
    lights. Use the screwdriver to collect the light bulb. 
    This takes a few clicks
18. Face the steps again and then move to the right twice
19. Use the axe to chop open the wooden door, again this takes a few clicks
20. Enter the door and take the light bulb and place it in the holder on 
    the ceiling
21. Quickly grab the axe again and use it to kill the mud monster
22. Examine the top of the fridges on the left hand side and find a silver 
    key. Then look on the right hand side of the fridges to find another 
    metal cylinder
23. You can now leave this second room, you don’t need to come back
24. Zoom in on the wooden crate in the corner and open it with the silver 
    key. Remove the blanket from the monster but don’t worry he’s dead 
    (for the moment)
25. Collect the blanket that was covering the monster
26. Turn left twice and use the blanket to cover the table. This will 
    makes the flies disappear again
27. Face the shelf again and zoom in on the halo. Place the stand in the 
    halo and then fix the two cylinders on either side of the stand. Place 
    the fish symbol in front of the stand and finally place the ball 
    in-between the cylinders
28. Click the top of the fish to make the eye appear. Zoom out and move 
    left twice. Click the top of the fish shadow and then click the wall 
    to make the secret panel appear. Collect the heart and the potion
29. Answer the phone when it rings and then go up the stairs to the door 
    again. Place the heart on the hooks by the door to attract the flies 
30. The axe man will then bash down the door but he’ll be unable to get 
    past the flies for the moment
31. Go back to the ‘dead’ monster in the crate. Use the potion on the monster
    and then site back and enjoy the final animation

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