Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake 
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 Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake Cheats

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Optimize drawing the path for speed. Draw a path, then switch to another monster. You
  do not need to wait for a monster to complete his movement before starting on the next
  one. This is important when your party needs to walk long distances or during a timed 
* Draw the path around obstacles, traps, or enemies. 
* You do not have to start a path directly on a character: You can start by drawing
  away from a character and the path between them and your finger will connect. You
  can also tap and hold and the shortest path to that location will appear.
* Tap once to make a monster stop walking. This is helpful if its current path leads
  to danger. However if you tap another monster or its portrait, the first monster 
  will continue moving while focus changes to the second monster. 
* The timer does not start until you walk or activate an ability. You can zoom out 
  and scroll around a level to develop a path strategy. You can also carefully draw
  out a path and not have it actually count until you lift your finger and your 
  character moves. 

The order that cake is collected is important. The level will end when the last piece
is collected. There may be treasure or keys hidden directly behind cake. Save a piece
of easy-to-access cake in order to collect all treasure and items first. The only 
time you should ignore treasure is if you are trying to get a star for a time-based 

Keys are used for doors or treasure chests. They are added to your entire party's 
inventory once collected. The monster that collected the key does not have to be the
one that uses it. 

Tears will not appear until the end of World 3. Although only Niko can see tears, 
any monster can enter one. If a monster dies after entering a tear, it is probably 
due to standing on an object in the dark realm. Most tear levels have specific 
locations where characters will be standing, however if you are dying randomly, 
check their locations before entering the tear. 

With precise timing, you can depress two buttons that are next to each other with 
the same block. Niko usually pushes blocks in single tile increments. For example, 
if the block is on one button and you draw a path for Niko towards the next button,
he will push the block entirely onto the second button. In order to leave the block
in the center of both buttons, tap when Niko is between the buttons to make him stop
walking. Then, double-tap to drop the block and it will hold both switches down. 

Replay levels to farm coins. Enemies and destructible objects will randomly drop coins
on each playthrough. 

Sparing Boogins:
Certain challenges require you not to kill Boogins. There are certain actions that 
each character can make to neutralize a Boogin without killing them. This includes 
Eek's shriek (Wattson's zap), Poot's toot (Hucklebaum's burp) to stun them, and Biff's
blizzard (Pip's crystal) to encase them in a block. You also cannot drop them into a 
pit, water, or lava or raise spikes under them. 

Prizzy's beam:
Unlike your other monsters actions, Prizzy's beam can harm your own monsters and Niko. 
Do not use it when they are within her line of sight or in the same row but off-screen.

Costumes are required get all stars or treasure on some levels. Levels with the Niko-
face wooden platforms require a specific costume. The wooden platform indicates which
costume and the part of the map where Niko will need to use his special ability in order
to progress. You have to return to these areas after first obtaining the required costumes.
Check for costume platforms before attempting to get treasure. If you do not have that 
costume yet, you can save time by coming back once you do have it. 

Claude and Terrance can travel through dirt and hedges. The obvious areas for them to 
begin moving underground are marked by mud, usually near hedges. However they can also
pass through some hedges directly. By drawing a line into a hedge, you will know that 
they can travel through it if line will continues and is not diverted to one side.
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