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 Monsters Den - The Book of Dread Cheats

Monsters Den - The Book of Dread

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Regarding "temporary becomes permanent":
After you use that alter, check your inventory for potions with an orange border.

Submitted by: Cheats

Barbarian and a rogue in the front rows and a cleric and conjuror in the back
rows. Believe me, the conjuror helps alot, specially against the corruptor, cause
he summons 4 corrupted clones of us and the conjuror can instantly kill a summoned
monster just like he can summon some cool but weak monsters in our favor which can
help protect the rest of the team.

Submitted by: Lycan

* Always have a cleric and con juror. They can both resurect members. A Warrior is
  the best of the melee classes, with his leadership skill. Once you can get it, 
  get "Hail Of Arrows" for the rangers. Use it with a bow/arrow with "venomous" in
  it name, then attach an "orb of toxicity". The toxic damage stacks up. 

* The conjuror helps with his Banish attack, making things easier with the 
  neophytes, acolytes and the corruptor.

* The warrior's Cleave, Archer's Hail of Arrows and barbarians Whirlwind make a 
   potent combination!!! Thats it.

Group Formation:
Submitted by: Valkem

Everyone keeps saying conjurer and theif/warrior. I had an easier time with a 
Barbarian, Cleric, Ranger, and Mage. The battles never last long enough to conjure
up stuff. I would use area attacks, Hail of arrows with my ranger, and the lightning
attack that hits everyone on my mage. Then Area with the barb and the cleric. Most 
fights (on standard mode) never went passed 2 rounds. I also used boast on my barb,
it delays someones actions and cause another of your guys to attack in his stead. 
When I needed to make sure someone didn't attack, I used the PIN on my ranger, and
FROST on my mage. That would usually stun people. After that it's stacking the 
right kind of equipment. When you have equipment with a 10% chance to kill a target,
and you area 6 opponents, usually 1 dies. Specially if you area with 3 different 
characters with that chance. That and all the area's when you have poison bonus on
your weaspons poison everyone.

Group Formation:
Submitted by: Harrimusprimal

X4 Rogues is a quick and fun way to go. Once they're built up they'll be quicker than
any opponent and once their poison attribute kicks in, most enemies die after the 
first strike.

Corruptor in seconds:
Submitted by: Dugmoll

For this one you need a Warrior, Mage, Rouge and Cleric.

For starters, 
Rouges always attack first (well most of the time) 'Cripple' the Corruptor (with a bow/crossbow). 
Now the Corruptor's speed is 0 and in the bottom of the turn list.
the Mage must have a Sword, I would prefer a Venomous one. Use 'Ensorcelled Blade', that would 
eat up more or less a third or so of its hp.
Next is Warrior, use 'Overwhelm' ('Overwhelm' skill only works if the speed is the warrior is 
higher than the target, and due to the 'Cripple' from the Rouge it would be a sure attack)
Then use the Cleric's 'Smite' and hope for a lucky stun

That would more or less kill the Corruptor easily due to incase a stun is made, your whole part 
can attack once more.

Incase it didn't. Ready your Warrior's 'Shield Wall' to take it all, 'Hide' your Rouge then 
use your Cleric to 'Anoint' the Rouge, Let the Mage do the clones with any AOE attacks then 
finish the Corruptor with the (maybe I am wrong, can't remember how much anoint adds)+375% 
attack from the Rouge.

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