Moonrise Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Moonrise 
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 Moonrise Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Each Solari has elemental strengths and weaknesses. Fire Solari are strong against 
  Nature, but weak against Water. Water Solari are strong against Fire, but weak 
  against Electric. Nature Solari are strong against *Water, but weak against Fire.
  When you choose an attack to use against an opponent, upward arrows will indicate 
  that an attack will do extra damage. Downward arrows indicate less damage will be 

* A Solari can learn moves that do not match its type. Because attack damage is 
  determined by a move's elemental properties, having a Solari that knows other move
  types can be very useful. Wardens can be used during a battle. Equip certain attack
  orbs to allow them to join fights. Note: You can immediately end a battle against 
  a warden by taking that warden down. However, this is difficult and requires some 
  time because only wardens can attack other wardens. 

* When a battle starts, begin with a weaker but immediate attack. Weaker attacks can 
  be recharged quickly. Stronger attacks will require more time.
* Use attacks that target multiple opponents carefully. They require a long time to 
  charge and prepare. Instead, consider using two or more single target attacks that
  are elementally strong. 

Defeat wild Solari to gain essences. Essences are required for leveling up your Solari.

Battle other wardens to get cash, which is also required for leveling your Solari. 
You can also get cash by completing quests. 

Warden keys:
Warden keys regenerate slowly over time. They are required to capture wild Solari.
Because keys do not stack, use them before you leave the game for awhile. 

Tickets are used to enter dungeons, where you can battle other wardens and Solari as 
much as desired. Dungeons have multiple floors, and each floor requires a ticket for 
entry. Tickets regenerate slowly over time. If you run out, you can still battle wild
Solari and other wardens on the surface as often as desired.
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