Moorhuhn 3 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Moorhuhn 3 
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 Moorhuhn 3 Cheats

Moorhuhn 3

Bonus Time:
If you shoot the Hut on the cliff in the last second of game play,
you receive 10 extra seconds of time. Turn on the lights If you 
shoot the Hut on the cliff 10 times, the lights will come on. 
After doing this, if you shoot the  middle window four times you
will shatter the lights and gain 50 points.

Hidden Treasure:
If you shoot the tree the far left, three pieces of bark will come
off that reveal a treasure map. The three symbols indicate the 
location of hidden caves in the game, and the 'X' marks the cave w
hich holds hidden Moorhuhn gold. These caves must be opened by using
the green 1A ammunition to shoot the rocks in a specific pattern. 
When the gold is revealed,  shoot it to receive a "TREASURE BONUSES"
message and a 200 point bonus. 

While on the Moorhuhn 3 splash screen, if you shoot each letter of 
the title (M-O-O-R-H-U-H-N) a Moorland Chicken version of the classic
Tetris game will appear.
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