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  Hints and Tips for: Moorhuhn - Winter Edition 
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 Moorhuhn - Winter Edition Cheats

Moorhuhn - Winter Edition

f.j. van Galen, Submitted the following Information:

Shoot down the moon (at least 2 shots needed). The lights in the town will start
to burn. Shoot out these lights one by one and if you succeed you will see some 
fireworks including a lot of chicken.

Get a high score:
Submitted by: jens lohse

Shoot the moon, and then shoot the crescent moon to turn on the lights in the town,
Then, shoot all the lights out to shoot off fire works that will scare the chickens
off the ground. Aim at the turkeys. To hit all of them, rapidly press the Right 
Mouse Button and Left Mouse Button.

Extra time:
You can earn an extra five seconds with the snow covered rock with two legs that 
is normally worth 20 points. The rock must be blasted before the clock ticks down
to 1:25 seconds. Shooting this rock within the first five seconds of the start of
the game will add the time back to the clock.

More time:
The Church Bell Tower on the right-hand side of town will normally cause you to
lose -25 points. However you will earn an extra 10 seconds on the clock. 

Extra points:
When you have shot the moon, you will gain extra points (up to a maximum of 7 per
window) if you shoot house lights quickly when they first turn on.

More Extra points:
* Hit the rock with two feet at the last five seconds to get 50 points instead of 20.
* Shoot the snowman's feet up to five times for a total of 50 points. 
* Shoot all little snow covered rocks then shoot the icicles from the tree where the
  frozen turkey and spider appears. Shoot the spider for an extra 50 points. 
* Shoot the birdhouse twice. First snow comes off, then on your second shot you will
  get 15 points.

Extra points:
You can shoot the stone wall in the graveyard in a specific order you get more 
points instead of the usual 5 points per hit. Shoot the right front small stone 
first. Then shoot the left small front stone. Then, follow by shooting the taller
upright stones from right to left, each segment at a time, for a total of 110 points
(20 + 10 + 20 + 10 + 30 + 10 + 5 + 5).

Bonus words:
When you shoot a snowflake, it usually adds one point to your score. A letter will
appear on the screen. Continue to shoot snowflakes to complete bonus words. These 
bonus words are as follows.

ammo       - Unknown
bad boy    - Lose all your points.
bohne      - Subtracts 50 points
crazy      - Reverse the mouse and get more points for shooting Moorhuhns 
extra      - A lot of chickens appear.
extra-time - Add one minute to clock and stops more snow letters 
hunter     - Extra value to Moorhuhns shot
killer     - Add 100 points.
maniac     - Add 100 points
secret     - Allows you to collapse the tower to the ground, destroy the birdhouse.
secret     - Allows gravestones to be shot, adding rather than subtracting points.
sleep-mode - Stop clock for 20 seconds; only appears within the last 10 seconds
summer     - Stops the snow
surprise   - Adds 150 points; appears at the last second
thank you  - Add 100 points

Extra points:
After hitting all the small snow covered stones, and after hitting the snow man for 50 
points, shoot at the front bottom of the boat. The ice cracks and the boat will sink 
after about three shots. Then, jump the snowman into the water for another 50 points.

Extra points:
Play and win the tic-tac-toe game beside the noisy little animal. It is worth 200 
extra points. Try shooting an empty space, leave, shoot at something else, then come
back to see that an "X" will appeared. Shoot another space, leave, come back, etc. 
Note: If you lose, you will lose 100 points.

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