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  Hints and Tips for: Mortal Online 
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 Mortal Online Cheats

Mortal Online

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Leaving Tindrem:
Written by tinastroud

A short guide that attempts to address new players fears about leaving the city 
and entering the open world. The guide focuses on finding your way after leaving 
the capital city of Tindrem. However much of the same info could help when 
starting out at other cities as well.

-=The Capital City (Introduction)
It is very possible for a player to find everything they want from the game inside 
the walls of Tindrem. And I personally have no issues with that. The fact that 
Tindrem has a higher population than other places shows to me that SV has done 
something right here. 

One would expect the capital city to be a highly populated place. A population 
that would lead to both good trade and high crime. Which is exactly what we have 
currently in Tindrem.

However many will not take to city living and want to find what else the world 
may have to offer. This guide will hopefully help such players make their first s
teps away from the city.

-=Risk of Being Killed vs Risk of Loss=-
Many people think that just taking a step out the gates of Tindrem will lead to 
them being swarmed by reds who are hanging just outside the gates waiting for them. 
Sure that is very possible and can often be the case. But just as often (if not more) 
players will find no trouble there.

Its often said here that players should never carry more than they can afford to lose. 
It is very solid advice in this full loot game where you can be killed almost anywhere. 
And even more so when you are leaving a guarded city for the first time.

At the end of the day the risk of being killed is certain in Mortal Online. It is a 
part of the game that players will have to come to grips with at some point. 
The best a player can do is try to limit the losses when death does come.

-=The Journey of a Thousand Miles=-
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu

Just leave everything in the bank and walk out the gates. 
Its really that simple when you have nothing to lose.

You could very well be unlucky and get attacked at the gates. But if you have nothing 
then what does it really matter? Go back in town and resurrect. Give it some time to 
cool down out there and try again.

If on the other hand you find yourself not getting attacked, then roam around a bit 
and get familiar with the surrounding area. Look for landmarks that you can use to 
remember how to return to a location or to get back to where you started.

Follow roads,rivers and coastlines so you know you can just head back the other way 
to return from where you came.

Once you are familiar with a river road or coast line then you can explore away from it 
knowing that you can always try to return to them to find your way again.

Every time you find a new landmark, lake, river, town ect.. You have a new point of 
reference to start from. From there it can grow and grow until you can eventually find 
your way all around the world.

-=A Quick Trip to Fabernum=-
To get things started I will share a little information on a couple cities near Tindrem.

First is the city of Fabernum:
To head to this city leave the gates of Tindrem and follow the road to the east:
At some point you will come to an intersection that looks like this:

* Take caution here as there are some ranger bandits just to the south a bit.

Follow the path that heads north and you will eventually arrive at the cities gates.

-=A Longer Trek to Meduli=-
To head to the coastal city of Meduli we take the road outside Tindrem to the west:
Once you get to the coast you can just follow it all the way:
Until you finally reach the coastal city of Meduli:

-=Final Thoughts=-
The thought of a world where anyone is free to kill you and take all of your stuff 
may sound pretty scary at first. But in the end you as a player are in control of what 
you put up for risk of losing.

Early in game a player may have very little they are willing to risk since they have 
so little. But things will change over time as more things become accessible to the 
player. At that point there will be more that a player will be willing to lose.

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