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  Hints and Tips for: Motherload - Goldium Edition 
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 Motherload - Goldium Edition Cheats

Motherload - Goldium Edition

Cheat Codes:
Update by: kewlbox13
Submitted by: RM

Enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function. Your score will
be marked with a "Cheater" mark and you will not be able to save the game. 

Code                   Result
blingbling           - Additional $100,000
penetrable           - Hull strength +1
digdug               - Drill strength +1
warp9                - Engine strength +1
guzzle               - Fuel tank size +1
toocool              - Radiator strength +1
supersize            - Bay size +1
fillerup             - Refill fuel
ntouchable           - Press 0 to maximize all parts and have access to core 
ntouchable           - To get all max upgrades.

Guardian (White Angel):
Fly up to 10,000 feet. You will get a transmission from God and a small, white
angel will follow your pod. It will decrease any damage received by half, 
including that from lava and gas pockets and during the final Boss battle.

Ancient Blueprints:
* There are four Ancient Blueprints for each part of your mining pod that can be
  found. They resemble a blue parchment scroll. There is a blueprint hidden on 
  each map. After one is found, save the game and reload it to make the next one
  discoverable. The upgrades will disappear after the game is completed, but you
  can repeat the steps to find them again. 
  Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding blueprint. 

* Fuel Integrator fuel tank: Buried in the ground between 4,000 feet and bottom. 
  It is larger than the Liquid Compression Tank, It collects fuel from gas ockets,
  but does not stop damage. 

* Hyper-Drive engine: Buried in the ground between 4,000 feet and bottom. It is
  faster than the V16 Jag Engine. It allows unlimited teleportation to the surface.

* Magma Converter radiator: Buried in the ground between 4,000 feet and bottom. 
  It is stronger than Tri-Turbine Freon Array. Money is earned when you hit lava
  pockets, but does not stop damage. 

* Multi-Drill: Complete all 12 challenges in challenge mode without failing. It 
  is faster than the Amazonite Drill and can drill through rocks.
* Portable Wormhole cargo bay: Buried in the ground between 4,000 feet and bottom.
  It is larger than the Leviathan Bay. 

* Regenerative Hull: Buried in the ground between 4,000 feet and bottom. It is 
  stronger than the Energy-Shielded Hull. It regenerates lost health slowly over

Oil-Bird (Black Angel):
Dig 500 feet and a small craft that resembles a small save pod, but flashes 
different colors, may appear . Fly to it to get a transmission from Martian 
Oilers. A small black angel will follow your pod. Every time you dig into a 
dirt square, you will have a chance to get a small amount of money, the 
amount of which depends on your depth.

Infinite money:
Submitted by: Evan

Step one: hold up. step 2: start new game step 3: when you get a transmissun from
"Mr dog" if your money says 0 you have done the glitch (note: you will have to 
freefall in order to stop from dieing)

Mega Cash!:
Submitted by: Zane

First you need gas tank that holds 60L of gas and you must buy 10 reserved fuel 
tanks in case you run out of fuel. If you FLY (NOT DIG/MINE!)100,000 feet into 
the air, you will get a transmission saying that GOD don't want you to fly any 
more and he'll give you a lot of money. If you exit out of the transmission, the
same one will pop up again. Keep flying untell you exit out of the transmission 
100 times and then stop flying. Once you stop getting the transmission you should
have over 100,000,000 dollers!

How to get to the bottom of the map without digging:
Submitted by: shawn

first go to options and type in "ntouchable"
then while on the surface use your molecular transportor by pressing "m"
then you should arive at the very bottom of the map

Mr. Dog + GOD:
Submitted by: Arriator

Fly up (not dig) until you reach 5000 feet. Then you will receive a transmission from 
Mr. dog , which tells you your machinery causes something in his choirs, and will give 
you money. KEEP FLYING UNTIL 10,000 feet. There a transmission from GOD will come, which 
tells you something weird. Close it, and you will receive a GUARDIAN (white Angel), which 
halves the damage taken. There Mr. Natas will make biggy eyes!

Cheat Codes (Warning!):
Submitted by: Arriator

Here are the cheat codes I know: Enter the Options screen. 
Type the following, if you did it right, you'll hear a retro sound.

Code Effects
ntouchable - Press 0 to use the Core Teleporter - you have everything!
bling      - Type 'bling' as many times as you want to earn cash!*
fillerup   - Automatically fills up HULL and FUEL to Max.
Code END Effects END

**Transmission received**
*WARNING! If you type 'bling' wrong, you must type it TWICE again to enter back
into the chain.

WARNING! Cheat Codes kill Saving! If you cheat, a skull and "CHEATER!" appear near 
your score. And if that is the case, you cannot save!

**Transmission Terminated**

Hint for Satan

If you ca?n't beat Satan, here a attack pattern.

Form 1 Form 2
Spear Claw
Spear Fireball

Get to bottom of the map without digging:
Enable the ntouchable code. While on the surface, press M to use your Molecular 
Transporter to arrive at the very bottom of the map. 

Defeating Satan:
Satan's attack pattern is as follows Form 1, Form 2, Spear Claw, Spear Fireball, Laser.

Mineral Prices:
Submitted by: BigBags123

Ironium     = $30
Bronzium    = $60
Silverium   = $100
Goldium     = $250
Platinum    = $750
Einsteinium = $2,000
Emerald     = $5,000
Ruby        = $20,000
Diamond     = $100,000
Amazonite   = $500,000

Shortcut ways:
Submitted by: Ikmalhidayat

To do this just go to most right. No code needed. Useful to defeat Satan right away. 
*NOTICE this is only apply if your pc is in high resolution / widescreen. 
You will not available to use or see your digger if the resolution is less than 1360 
in length and in window mode. You should maximize it.

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