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  Hints and Tips for: Motor City Online 
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 Motor City Online Cheats

Motor City Online

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

Car customizing: 
There are actually a few different ways to buy a car in 
Motor City Online. You can go to one of the car shops and buy 
a car that falls within your price range, which will be very 
low at the beginning of the game. Buying a shop car is quick 
and easy. If you're feeling a little more adventurous, you 
can try to buy a car from one of the auction lots. Whenever 
you enter an auction area, the lower portion of the main screen 
changes and displays the people bidding, the number of bids, how 
much time is left on the auction, and other details. Like in 
other auctions, some players will try to outbid you in the 
closing moments, so it's a good idea to keep a close watch 
over the auction screens. 
There's one special auction house in Motor City Online named 
Righteous Rides, which will occasionally auction rare cars that 
are available no where else in the game. It's also possible, 
and necessary, to buy car parts at some of these stores or 
auction houses. With sixty base car models and over a thousand 
interchangeable car parts, there are endless combinations of 
custom built cars, that you can race or own in MCO. 
One way to get parts other than buying them specifically is to 
buy a car, strip one really good item from it that you want, and 
sell off the rest as scrap . 
There are five categories of cars, including common, uncommon, 
rare, very rare. You can customize them by painting the body, 
swapping out various rods and parts, EA is working on a system 
where you can make and upload your own skins to use. 
Player-created skins will be submitted to EA, which will review 
them for any inappropriate content, and upload them to the servers 
if they pass muster. New cars, trucks, characters and race modes 
will be added to the game periodically. 

Here is how the developers of Motor City Online covered the 
aspects of buying and customizing your cars:

Buy, sell, own and mantain classic American cars from the 
'32 Deuce Coup to the '73 Firebird T/A 

Create, tune and customize your dream car(s) - the car(s) 
that personifies you 

Performance customization: hundreds of authentic parts, 
including shifters, tires, crankshafts, nitrous injectors, 

Visual customization: custom paint jobs including flames; 
chopped top, fuzzy dice, wheels... 

Create your own skin and trick out your car(s) to reflect 
your style 

You can also customize your avatar (your online persona or 
"character"), your garage, and your MCO club attributes

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