Mount & Blade - With Fire and Sword Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Mount & Blade - With Fire and Sword 
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 Mount & Blade - With Fire and Sword Cheats

Mount & Blade - With Fire and Sword

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by:  Mazid

Open the launcher, select "Configure", and click the "Game" tab. Check
the "Enable Cheats" box, and click the "OK" button. Then, enter one of
the following codes at the indicated screen to activate the corresponding
cheat function: 

Result                                Screen      Code
+1,000 Dinar one time               - Inventory - [Ctrl]+X
+1,000 experience points (one time) - Character - [Ctrl]+X
Increase all weapon proficiencies   - Character - [Ctrl]+W
Upgrade selected unit (one time)    - Party     - [Ctrl]+X
See everything except hideouts      - Map       - [Ctrl]+T
Teleport party                      - Map       - [Ctrl]+Left Mouse Button
Upgrade all available 
units to that path                  - Battle    - [Ctrl]+Left Click
Restore health                      - Battle    - [Ctrl]+H
Heal your horse                     - Battle    - [Ctrl]+[Shift]+H
Damage yourself                     - Battle    - [Ctrl]+[F3]
Knock single enemy unit unconscious - Battle    - [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[F4]
All enemy troops unconscious        - Battle    - [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[F4]
All enemies zoomed into unconscious - Battle    - [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[F4]
AI takes over your character        - Battle    - [Ctrl]+[F5]
Toggle slow motion                              - [Ctrl]+[F9]

Marksmen Formation Issues:
If the player commands marksmen to stand in formation, they will always
stand in a single file facing the enemy instead of a single line.  To 
correct this, use the infantry menu and command them to stand in formation
(regardless whether the player actually has infantry units or not). After 
the command is sent, the marksmen will move according to the more appropriate
line formation.

The Black Mace by Nil Patriot:
Preparations: Trade well, make fine armors,buy best weapons,make up ur agility and 
strength upto 16(Prefer strength) while in progress. Keep saves before imp events. 
They are very much needed.

Common Part: I joined Cossacks as mercenary, and remained mercenary for long. 
Do all special quests in favour of Cossacks. Someday after helping in battle one 
Cossack noble gives you a Tatar prisoner. Deliver him to Lord of Sich. Then one of 
the Cossack Noble tells you that to know about Black Mace, meet Clermount(French).
Find him speak with him. He will forward you to some Cossack Noble,who will finally 
tell you the name of Jansuz Radziwill. Meet him(Probably at warsaw). He will ask you 
to support his rebellion. But you need 200 renown. So keep fighting with cossacks, 
play safe but, fight nobles indirectly, so u get renown increasing enmity (-ve relation). 
Once you are ready Take J_Radziwill with you. Then Play Carefully. More the Castles 
Polish have more time u get with JR.

Rebellion: Some parts must be completed before succeding rebellion. Ask JR his orders 
and you will get first order, to get a castle. I suggest you gather at least 9 to 10 
Polish nobles on your side. you will need them, if playing on normal difficulty. 
Be prepared for continuous siege of two Castles. Once you get any castle, and move, 
JR will leave ur party to stay at castle, and u have to meet him every time there only, 
so select suitable castle not far from Kiev. Once you receive 2nd order to besiege Kiev, 
quickly besiege it, otherwise Cossacks may besiege it before you. The army at Kiev 
seems unending. It took me six days to complete the siege at normal difficulty. Once 
I returned defeated from Castle halls, my health was quite low. but on next siege again 
there appeared more than 100 garrisons. Once u have Kiev, go speak with JR, he will 
send u to Mayor of Kiev. Go back and speak with Mayor. Pay him. He will tell u to about 
JR. Go back speak with JR give him message. Ask about Black Mace, he will divert you to
 catch a Crimean Mirza. Catch one, and quickly after battle you will get new information, 
and location of archives as Riga. Now deliver the Mirza to JR. This must be done before 
winning the rebellion. Then once this quest is done, you may let the rebellion complete. 
Take precaution not to take any castle for u otherwise some nation may declare war against 
you. But you can take a village, Maslov Brod is the best choice.

Real Game: Reach upto here anyhow. But now speak with Mayor of Riga. He will ask you to get 
permissions from his lord. So you have two options 1) Make your relation with Lord of Riga, 
more than support. It took me two weeks by completing many of his tasks. 2) You can besiege 
and win Riga, if Sweden is your enemy. Once you have permissions or town, speak with mayor, 
u will get information about some burial spot. Ask Polish nobles, about it. You will need 
some lord other than JR,favoring you more than support. It took me again one week to 
increase my relation with one of the Polish friends. Then he told me burial spot as 
village Nesvizh. Go there speak with elder as you serve JR. He will tell u about bandits. 
Leave village. Meet deserters,205 strong with 55 Hussars. pay or fight them, they will 
give u the ring and name Boryatinski. Go and meet prince Boryatinsky, on ground. If it 
doesn't works let Muscovits be your enemy. Anyhow give him his father's ring, and he will 
tell u about Book of Crows. Find some book merchant, buy Book of Crows for 7000. 
Then ask some friend who can read it. Again good relation required. You will be told to 
meet Pafnuty at Novogord. Go talk to him, take him/Go to Moscow. Then wait for two weeks, 
keep fighting and Trading. After two weeks meet Pafnuty at Moscow. He will tell you of 
"Cossack Legend". 
Then ask to some Cossack friend, even Hetman Bogdan will tell you, name of Mamai. 
Find him with the help of travellers, pay 5000, and he will join you. Talk to Mamai, 
he will tell u to find Ivan Barabash. search Polish Castles, and some taveller also can 
tell u his location. Find him anyhow. Talk to him, he sends you back to village Nesvizh.
 Now preapre yourself for, worst battle, and go to Nesvizch. After trying thrice, I had 
to reduce my settings to poor combat and campaign. Then I won, and JR declared me as 
enemy of all Polish. I took option of posing as Mercenary, restored my difficulty level. 
You can go with direct fight option if u have enough army. find him, go to his hall, 
defeat him and his Guards Poish Reiters. Shield is very helpful here. Get out of here. 
U have ur "The Black Mace". You need at least 16 srength to use it. You get +50 army 
size by keeping it in inventory. It can fell unconscious any soldier, with one hit, 
even a Winged Hussar. So now you can take as many prisoner quests. ( When I did it my 
renown was nearly 250,army size 104 + 50(by Mace)).

Post Mace: Mamai will tell u to meet Barabash. I found him at Kiev. He will give you 
two options to join him or Hetaman Bogdan. If u take side of Cossacks u become Marshal 
forever, lead a normal game life. And if u take side of IB, you get few more quests, 
to choose sides. You can reduce ur enemies at any time by paying Money, when not 
serving any faction.

Summary: It took me nearly 300 days to get Black Mace, after first joining Cossacks. 
On trial, stuck, load back, basis I have gone through more than 500 gamedays, searched 
quite alot found very few useful, lost my studies, but finally found it, without any 
cheats ever. Bugs can't defeat me.

All Merchant Achievements in 30 Minutes:
Written by Arkabanjo

A guide to getting all trading achiements in 30 minutes, to include wheeled merchant, 
trader, and great trader.

-=Market Manipulation=-
We will get three achievments in 30 minutes using market manipulation following these 
10 steps:

Before you attempt this, ensure you do not have any cheats activated. 
This would disable your ability to get the achievements.

Step 1: Accumulate 10,000 Thaler and a few points in the trade and inventory management 
skills. Tip: If you just started the game you could do a few collect taxes missions and 
keep the funds as a loan to get your merchant empire started.

Step 2: Start buying any Velvet you find to stockpile it in your inventory. This works 
with other goods too but I recommend Velvet. Tools, Furs, Oils, Powder, Leatherwork, or 
any good with a high sale price will work. If you stockpile 10 velvet you will get the 
Velvet Commander achievement as a bonus. Velvet is hard to find but has the highest 
profit margin after you use market manipulation.

Step 3: Once you have 10 Velvet, sell them to the goods trader of a city. This drives 
the buying price of that good down for your caravan. The city does not have to produce 
the good for this to work.

Step 4: Save, then talk to the mayor about trade. Select send a caravan. Select Velvet, 
they should be at about 200 Thaler each. Then select medium caravan for 10 goods (or higher 
if available).

Step 5: Send your caravan to the city that pays at least 1,000 for Velvet. This is unique 
for every game, so you may have to load and try a few different cities. In general, the 
longer the travel the higher the price, but that is not always true.

Step 6: Accompany your caravan. Do not let bandits attack it. Use Ctrl+Space to speed up 
the travel. This does not count as a cheat for the game, it is just a time saving measure.

Step 7: Save the game right before you get to the city.

Step 8: After your caravan arrives you should get the Wheeled Merchant achievement (3000 
Thaler profit or more). If you do not get this achievement, go back to Step 5.

Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword - All Merchant Achievements in 30 Minutes

Step 9: Repeat. Load the game and let the caravan arrive as many times until you get 
the trader and great trader achievements. You should get 10,000 Thaler for your caravan 
of 10 velvet, with about 8,000 profit. The total income counts for this, so you need to 
load 10x times for the trader and 100x times for the great trader achievement. If you 
spent extra time at the beginning and collect 15 or 20 velvet for your inventory you can 
speed this process up to 50. Be aware: The Great Trader achievement's status progress is 
broken but works regardless.

Step 10: Get the achievements. I have tried this with regular caravans for multiple hours 
before discovering that you can just sell your goods into the goods trader inventory and 
increase your profit margin. This is by far the fastest way to get these achievements.

-=Honest Merchant=-
You can do this without loading the game if you would like to be a honest merchant, you 
just have to be willing to commit significantly more time. The process is the same as 
the loading merchant, but you will have to repeat steps 1-8 multiple times with several 
different goods. It will take signicantly longer but will still be faster than just 
selecting the best prices available at the time for your caravans, escpecially for the 
great trader achievement.

How to Make Infinite Money:
Written by Kiri

Money in Mount and Blade Warband was typically easy to acquire via bandit hunting and 
slave trading. Once money was acquired it could be invested in gear and troops to fight 
stronger and more valuable bandits, or into businesses so that eventually you could focus 
on war over money grinding.

In WFAS the bandits barely give any money, with their guns your troops have a high 
mortality rate and you will frequently be KOd if you get in the thick of it without top 
tier armour, equipment is about 5x more expensive than in Warband, slaves are difficult 
to capture and worth very little, villagers are packing heat so raiding just isnt worth 
it, and businesses no longer exist

Trade is about as effective at making money as before, except for powder trading which 
feels like an exploit. Caravans are a new addition which were amazing at first but since 
have been nerfed into uselessness. Many guides will recommend caravans but they’re all 

In Warband taxes from fiefs were usually considerably less than the cost of the garrisons. 
The main point was to store troops for military campaigns and villages were a more 
lucrative source of tax income, though even then they gave very little. They give a LOT 
more money in WFAS, and once you deduct troop wages for the garrison you’ll still make 
about as much in taxes from a prosperous town as you could from 20 silk businesses in 
Native. They’re really worth it this time, it’s just getting to that stage that can be 

While businesses are gone, you can now store money in banks to generate interest. This 
is at a rate of 14% per week. Since silk businesses cost 10k to start up and gave approx 
500 per week in Warband this means the banks are about 3x more effective than businesses 
were. So if you can generate a few hundred thousand and bank it then you can rely on the 
interest to fund your campaigns, and with 1mil in the bank can buy special equipment for 
yourself and your companions and soldiers!

The main ways of generating money that will be covered in each section are:
1.Trade – Same deal as Warband but I will list the price margins of each item.
2.Powder – This trade good is special and by far the most effective means of early 
  money making.
3.Taxes – About 20x higher than in Warband! I’ll walk you through how to get a nice 
  town fast and protect it for 20,000 in takes per week (after some investment)
4.Interest – If you can get to the point where your weekly interest excedes your 
  spending then you have effectively infinite money.

As an extra note: I recommend that after you’ve saved a bit of money you pick up a 
low level companion. Do some caravan escort quests to level them up a bit and give 
them charisma/trade. 3-4 trade is fine and will greatly increases your profits. If 
bandits attack your caravan don’t bother trying to defend it, just go get another 
quest. You can defend the caravans but you’ll need some good soldiers which costs 
money in recruitment, training and gear that your probably don’t have at such an early 
point, and you shouldn’t have to do that many just to get the first few levels on a 
lvl 1 companion anyway.

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