MTX Mototrax Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: MTX Mototrax 
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 MTX Mototrax Cheats

MTX Mototrax

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Sub-Zero 
Submitted by: Jonnyo

MTX Cheat Passwords:
Start game, go into "options", choose "cheats" and enter one
of the codes for cheating: 

Result                       Code
Race as a Slipknot Maggot   - 86657457
Unlock ALL FMV'S            - 23F7IC5 
Super-fast acceleration     - JIH345
All tracks                  - BA7H 
Maximum air                 - BFB0020 
Left Field gear             - 12345 
Sobe gear                   - 50B3 
Butterfinger gear           - B77393 
Sky camera                  - HIC 
Nokia trickbot              - HA79000 
Officer Dick                - BADG3 
Speed Demon                 - 773H999 
Unlocks everything          - 2468G0A7

Rock Quarry: Jump over 900 feet:
Enable the "JIH345" code. Play at the free ride area "Rock Quarry" When 
you start, do a 180 and go down the big ledge towards the container jump.
Clear it, then hold it pinned. As you approach the excavator, jump and 
keep holding it pinned. Jump it as close to the wall as possible. When 
you are airborne, whip it to the right (towards the wall) and hold it. 
You should fly over the wall and into a glitch where everything turns white.
You will fall for a while, then respawn on the ground with the game stating 
that you have jumped up to 1,000 feet (usually in the 900 feet range).

Cheat - Unlimited tricks:
Submitted by: Rajiv

There is a river in Travis' Compound. Jump using the ramp nearby with low speed,
do tricks and splash on the river. When you reappear, the tricks are still there,
ready to be counted. Do some more tricks and land them. The game will count the 
tricks you did lately with the tricks that you splashed.

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