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  Hints and Tips for: Murloc RPG 
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 Murloc RPG Cheats

Murloc RPG

Cheat Codes:
Update by:  joseph
Submitted by. RM

Code            Result
dragoonfaa    - turns u into a dragonfly.
instant70     - gets u to instant 70.
instant60     - gets u to instant 60.
KILL          - allows u to 1hit kill.
aka           - allows u to have 5000000.
allow         - allows u to do ANYTHING.
disallow      - makes u not able to do anything.
kill60        - makes u able to kill a level 60 no wep.


Harpy - Rare Spawn:
While attacking a tiger or gorilla in STV, you might instead fight a harpy. Be 
sure to kill it without it taking a turn or else it might run away. It drops 
Benediction, a + to intellect staff that sells for around 4 gold. 

Freeing Falthir:
Simply buy a goblin dynamite from the goblin vendor near the Eleywn Forest 
transporter and use it(press spacebar) at the cage to blow the cage up and 
free Falthir, you'll find Falthir and he's Brother at the middle of STV after 
you free him. 

Gahz'ranka - the fish beast:
You find out about this from freeing Falthir the Troll in Zul Gurub. His 
friend, when spoken to, only ever talks about a fish beast in Zul Gurub. You 
don't need to free Falthir to encounter Gahz'Ranka. Falthir sells some items. 
To find Gahz'ranka, enter the final bring screen in Zul Gurub from either 
side. You have around a 1% chance of finding him without a lucky fishing hat 
equipped. If you have the lucky fishing hat equipped it's about a 15% chance 
to find him. If you have the sound on, you'll hear a roar. Walk Murk on to the 
bridge and he'll say 'what was that...?' and then the fight starts. This is a 
randomly triggered event, meaning you might have to leave then center the 
screen many times before you meet the fish monster. 
Gahz'Ranka isn't a hard fight. Use your normal strategy and it should work. 
Once he dies he drops Furor's Eyepatch. It's a head piece with 30 Agi. 

A Great Dragon in Azeroth - Onyxia: 
You have to have freed Falthir to find Onyxia. Further, you have to be level 
20 or above. This is because Falthir sells various objects once freed. One of 
these is a 'Blood Talisman'. It's not great, but many people don't have 
anything else in the trinket slot so 4 Sta is better than nothing. It has a 
minimum level of twenty and cost 55gold. Buy this trinket and equip it. For 
those interested, in WoW getting hold of your Blood talisman to enter Onyxia's 
lair is a damn site harder than freeing a Troll! 
Once you have the trinket,go back to the goblin transporter, return to the 
Jasperdine mine. Go all the way to the last screen, the part where you fought 
fangus with the chest at the back with the epic mace (candlestick) in it, 
(opened by dynamite). If you have the talisman equipped, a fairly common 
random ocurance is a portal appearing at the end to Onyxia's lair. You might 
have to leave and re-enter the screen a few times to trigger it. Go to the 
portal and press spacebar to enter Onyxia's Lair 
Onyxia is a big dragon which does lots of damage. But not immune to stuns. So 
simply use Frost Nova every 2 turns. When dead, she gives Ancient Cornerstone 
Grimoire. An off hand, that instead of summoning a skeleton like it should, 
gives you 300 Intellect. All of a sudden making the mage route viable again. 

Felva the Rogue and Ambush:
The first time you meet the rogue, she is one screen right of the freed troll. 
The next she is the first screen in Zul Gurub. You must enter from the right 
side to see her. The next time you see her she's two screens right of Falthir. 
Note: You can still see her if you've killed the rogue in the arena. 

On the third time that she spots you she talks to you, She says: She's seen 
you in the arena and you're really good. She wants you to kill a goblin - the 
one that goes on and on about a really big dragon in Azeroth. At this point 
she teaches you the ambush skill - you don't actually have to bother with the 
rest of it. 
Go back to where the postman is in STV. Equip a dagger, and talk to him, 
you'll enter a battle with him, simply Cold Blood + Ambush him and he drops a 
necklace that's got some Agility on it. If you walk to the second screen right 
of the Troll, she reappears again and takes the neckpiece of you and gives you 
gold. If you'd rather keep the necklace, you have to avoid that part of the 
Jungle from now on as there's no 'screw you, I want the necklace' option.

In the save main mean

Password   Effect
murloc30 - geting to level 30
murloc99 - having poreful items
murloc60 - havig 100,silvers

Easter Egg - feronios furocius fang II:
The weapon "feroinious the ferocious fang" has a second form in stranglethorn 
fever but u need to have lv.10 and keep on killing harpies until u get the 
weapon "benedict" and it is exactly identical to feronius ferocious fang except
the look, the stat change, and the battle form. plz rate. Kill the rare harpies!^

Murloc RPG v1.2: Items: 
Submitted by: Lailath

Items, Itemdescriptions and where to be found.

For Codes, there is a Hex-Editor needed, just use 
any Hex-Editor, use [Raw Hex] and [Double (64)].

Be careful to copy and paste exactly the right strings. 
In Example within the [].

Example Copy und Paste:



Items: [Name/Type (Weapon, Armor, Jewel etc.)/+Boni/Level/Location/Color]

ashkandi Ashkandi, the Greatsword: Sword, +9-13 DMG, +160 STR, Level 20, Gurubashi Arena by 
Champion-Fight, Purple

beasts_gloves Beaststalker's Gloves: Hands, +218 Armor, +15 STM, Level 14, Gurubashi Arena by 
Fight, Purple

benediction Benediction: Staff, +2-4 DMG, +16 INT, Level 13, Stranglethorn Path by Chance, 

bld_tal Blood Talisman: Trinket, +5 Armor, +4 STM, Level 20, Stranglethorn Path after free Falthir 
(Zul 'Gurub Questitem), Purple

blood_greaves Bloodsoaked Greaves: Feet, +486 Armor, +25 STM, Level 24, Zul 'Gurub by Fight, Blue

candlestick Large Candlestick: Mace, +5-7 DMG, Level 8, Jasperdine Mine (Elwynn Forest) in a 
Chest, Purple

coif_elem Coif of Elements: Head, +297 Armor, +13 STM, Level 13, Gurubashi Arena by Fight, Blue

destiny Destiny: Sword, +3-6 DMG, +7 STR, Level 10, Gurubashi Arena by Fight, Purple

dev_mantle Devout Mantle: Shoulder, +64 Armor, +21 INT, Level 12, Gurubashi Arena by Fight, Blue

earth_orb Earthcalm Orb: Off-Hand, +5 Armor, +10 INT, Level 20, Gurubashi Arena by Fight, Purple

emb_chest Embossed Plate Armor: Chest, +337 Armor, +6 STR, Level 11, Gurubashi Arena from Merchant, 

emb_boots Embossed Plate Boots: Feet, +133 Armor, +4 STR, Level 11, Gurubashi Arena from Merchant, 

emb_bracers Embossed Plate Bracers: Wrist, +78 Armor, Level 10, Gurubashi Arena from Merchant, 

emb_gloves Embossed Plate Gauntlets: Hands, +139 Armor, Level 10, Gurubashi Arena from Merchant, 

emb_belt Embossed Plate Girdle: Waist, +91 Armor, Level 10, Gurubashi Arena from Merchant, 

emb_helm Embossed Plate Helmet: Head, +210 Armor, +3 STR, Level 10, Gurubashi Arena from Merchant, 

emb_legs Embossed Plate Leggings: Legs, +275 Armor, +5 STR, Level 11, Gurubashi Arena from Merchant, 

emb_should Embossed Plate Pauldrons: Shoulder, +186 Armor, +4 STR, Level 11, Gurubashi Arena from 
Merchant, Green

emb_shield Embossed Plate Shield: Shield, +675 Armor, +2 STR, Level 12, Gurubashi Arena from 
Merchant, Green

fang_ven Fang of Venoxis: Dagger, +4-6 DMG, +8 INT, Level 15, Gurubashi Arena by Fight, Purple

flow_robe Flowing Ritual Robes: Chest, +100 Armor, +28 INT, Level 18, Zul 'Gurub by Fight, Purple

gm_clay Grand Marshal's Sword: Sword, +10-15 DMG, +45 STM, Level 20, Gurubashi Arena by 
End-Fight, Purple

lav_ring Lavishly Jeweled Ring: Ring, +0 Armor, +7 INT, Level 11, Gurubashi Arena by Fight, 

per_blade Perdition's Blade: Dagger, +3-5 DMG, +17 AGI, Level 12, Gurubashi Arena by Fight, 

seal_jin Seal of Jin: Ring, +5 Armor, +23 AGI, Level 20, Zul 'Gurub by Fight, Blue

the_1_ring The 1 Ring: Ring (Quest-Item Elwynn-Forest), +15 Armor, Level 1, Camp Brakil 
Quest (Crabs), Green

wild_belt Wildheart Belt: Waist, +93 Armor, +17 INT, Level 14, Gurubashi Arena by Fight, Blue

zand_robe Zandalar Illusionist's Robe: Chest, +100 Armor, +32 INT, Level 16, Stranglethorn Path 
after free Falthir (Zul 'Gurub), Purple

zand_tunic Zandalar Madcap's Tunic: Chest, +197 Armor, +31 AGI, Level 16, Stranglethorn Path 
after free Falthir (Zul 'Gurub), Purple

zand_bplate Zandalar Vindicator's Plate: Chest, +828 Armor, +23 STR, Level 16, Stranglethorn 
Path after free Falthir (Zul 'Gurub), Purple

zul_def Zulian Defender: Shield, +2312 Armor, +13 STM, Level 15, Gurubashi Arena by Fight, 

Food and Other: [Name/Type/Description/Level/Location]

goblin_dynamite Goblin Dynamite: multi Questitem (Jasperdine Mine/Zul 'Gurub), 'Aim away 
from Eyes', Level 1, Elwynn Forest

magic_dust Magic Dust: Food, 'Restores 100 Energy', Level 1, Elwynn Forest and 

spiced_wolf_meat Spiced Wolf Meat: Food, 'Restores 300 Health', Level 1, Elwynn 
Forest and Stranglethorn

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