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  Hints and Tips for: Mushroom Revolution 
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 Mushroom Revolution Cheats

Mushroom Revolution

Submitted by: RM

* Build mushroom towers in strategic locations to encounter monster
  at least twice.
* Clear trees to obtain strategic location for your mushroom tower.
* Clump your towers so all can help each other. Example: Slow Tower
  allows nearby towers to hit more.
* Build ‘Wealth Tower’ to earn more cash to fund your mushroom tower
  construction cost.
* If limited strategic spots, build Level 6 Pure Tower instead of 
  having two Level 5 Non-Pure Towers.
* Place more focus on damage first ~ Pure Tower, and once you feel 
  the monster HP is a too much to handle, build non-pure towers for
  their special effect to reduce the burden. For example, teleport,
  isntant death and plant bomb. This increases the damage per monster
  if there were less to focus on.
* Next, populate the nearby damage towers with stun, confuse, and 
  slow. This increases the shots taken by monster when they are 
  passing by.

Building Tips:
* Best to build these 5 types of towers: Wealth, Splash Slow, Big Splash,
  Splash Poison, Pure Thunder.
* The towers mentioned above will be sufficient to deal balance damage 
  to all types of high level monsters.
* Money Steal Tower special effect does not compensate its upgrade cost.
  Wealth Tower > Money Steal.
* Other towers with special effects will be less helpful at higher level
  where monsters have 3-4 immunities.

Earn more points:
For each enemy killed, you gain score equal to the enemy’s HP.
Clicking ‘next wave’ will yield extra score equal to time remained X 10.
Completing a level will yield 2,000 X life remaining.

World 1  : Gold 1410000, Silver 1340000, Bronze 1270000
World 2  : Gold 1450000, Silver 1380000, Bronze 1310000
World 3  : Gold 2259000, Silver 2189000, Bronze 2119000
World 4  : Gold 3592000, Silver 3522000, Bronze 3452000
World 5  : Gold 6067000, Silver 5997000, Bronze 5927000
World 6  : Gold 6271000, Silver 6201000, Bronze 6131000
World 7  : Gold 9402000, Silver 9332000, Bronze 9262000
World 8  : Gold 9688395, Silver 9618395, Bronze 9548395
World 9  : Gold 15328000, Silver 15258000, Bronze 1518000
World 10 : Gold 21552000, Silver 21482000, Bronze 21412000

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