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 Musou Orochi Z Cheats

Musou Orochi Z

Submitted by: David K.

Dream Mode Stages Unlockable:
Complete the following condition to unlock the stages.

Unlockable  How to unlock
Stage 01 - Get 20 proficiency with Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Jian.
Stage 02 - Initially selectable.
Stage 03 - Clear Wu chapter 12.
Stage 04 - Unlock Sanada Yukimura (Clear Shu chapter 3).
Stage 05 - Unlock Uesugi Kenshin, Guan Yu, and Xu Huang.
Stage 06 - Obtain 15 treasures and unlock Guan Yu, Xiahou Dun, and Lu Meng.
Stage 07 - Unlock Jiang Wei, Lu Xun, and Shima Sakon.
Stage 08 - Obtain 30 treasures.
Stage 09 - Unlock Cao Ren, Sun Jian, and Shibata Katsuie.
Stage 10 - Unlock Dian Wei, Zhou Tai, and Mori Ranmaru.
Stage 11 - Clear Samurai Chapter 12.
Stage 12 - Unlock Sun Ce, Maeda Toshiie, and Pang De.
Stage 13 - Unlock Pang Tong, Zhang Jiao, and Zuo Ci.
Stage 14 - Clear Wu Chapter 16.
Stage 15 - Clear Wei Chapter 16.
Stage 16 - Get Level 28 with Gan Ning, Zhang Liao, and Fuuma Kotaro.
Stage 17 - Unlock Sun Shang Xiang, Oichi, and Da Qiao.
Stage 18 - Get Level 28 with Huang Zhong, Ina, and Xiahou Yuan.
Stage 19 - Unlock Zhang Fei, Miyamoto Musashi, and Honda Tadakatsu.
Stage 20 - Sum total of all characters' levels is 1,000 or more.
Stage 21 - Clear Samurai Chapter 8.
Stage 22 - Clear Orochi Chapter 4.
Stage 23 - Unlock Imagawa Yoshimoto, Xing Cai, and Ginchiyo Tachibana.
Stage 24 - Unlock Zhen Ji, Xiao Qiao, and Nouhime.
Stage 25 - Clear 30 stages in Story Mode and Unlock Ishikawa Goemon, Okuni, 
           and Meng Huo.
Stage 26 - Sum total of all characters' levels is 1,500 or more.
Stage 27 - Sum total of all characters.

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