MPV Baseball 2004 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: MPV Baseball 2004 
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 MPV Baseball 2004 Cheats

MPV Baseball 2004

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Cheap created players:
Create a player with all desired information. Leave his attributes exactly as is. 
Then, go to "Free Agents". Sign that player to a long cheap contract. Then, go to
create/edit again and change the player's attributes to make him perfect. To get 
cheap players in dynasty mode, do not fill up his stats -- he will take really 
low offers in money if you do not do this. After you put him on your team, go 
back to your roster and fill them all up. It will not raise their salary.

All MVP rewards:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named nick paterson.

Big hitter:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named "keegan paterson", "jacob 
paterson", or "isaiah paterson" (case-sensitive). The player will have a very large 
bat. He will hit a home run or a hard line drive every time you make contact, no 
matter what his stats. 

Bad hitter:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named erik kiss (case-sensitive). 
The player will have a skinny bat that will break every time and send a little dribbler
to the pitcher for a sure out. Also, you cannot bunt with him; it will just go foul.

Huge CAP points:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named john prosen (case-sensitive)
to get a large amount of CAP points in dynasty mode. 

No CAP arm or leg restrictions:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named kenny lee (case-sensitive)
to change the size of a created player's arms or legs as much as desired. 

MVP points:
After completing various goals, you will get a message stating that you have earned 
MVP Points. Enter the "MVP Rewards Checklist" screen in "My MVP" to check how many 
points you have earned, and how many are needed to unlock the various bonuses. You 
will earn twice as many MVP Points under the Pro difficulty setting, three times as
many under the All-Star difficulty setting, and four times as many under the MVP 
difficulty setting. Also, MVP points are not awarded when games are simulated. The
classic players that are unlocked will begin at age 30 and will age and retire like
other players.

Fenway Park scoreboard:
When playing a game at at Fenway Park, the hand automated scoreboard on the Greenmonster
in left field does not have the score of the game, who the Red Sox are playing, who is 
pitching, the batter's name, the balls, strikes, and outs, and the hit and error lights
like it usually does.

Getting trades:
When in dynasty mode, if the trade you want keeps getting rejected use the following 
trick. When this happens, back out until you get to the main screen for the dynasty 
mode and go to "Options". Once in the "Options" screen, select the first choice and 
scroll down until you see the "Unfair Trades" option. Turn this option on, then go 
back and get the trade you wanted. Note: If you want more money in your bank, make 
sure the trade is somewhat even.

Unlock Classic Stadiums: 
Stadium Location Description MVP Points Needed 
Crosley Field Cincinatti, OH Home of the Reds, 1912-1970        = 2500 Points
Astrodome Houston, TX Home of the Astros, 1965-1999             = 2500 Points
Tiger Stadium Detroit, MI Home of the Tigers, 1912-1999         = 3000 Points
Griffith Stadium Washington, DC Home of the Senators, 1903-1961 = 3000 Points
Shibe Park Philadelphia, PN Home of the Athletics, 1909-1954    = 4000 Points
Sportman's Park St. Louis, MO Home of the Cardinals, 1920-1966  = 4000 Points
Polo Grounds New York, NY Home of the Giants, 1911-1957         = 5000 Points
Forbes Field Pittsburgh, PA Home of the Pirates, 1909-1970      = 5000 Points

Unlock Legendary Players:
Hal Newhouser Tigers 1939-1955                    = 2500 Points
Robin Roberts Phillies 1948-1966                  = 2500 Points
Richie Ashburn Phillies 1948-1962                 = 2500 Points
Ralph Kiner Pirates 1946-1955                     = 2500 Points
Bob Lemon Indians 1941-1958                       = 3000 Points
Phil Rizzuto Yankees 1941-1956                    = 3000 Points
Hoyt Wilhelm Giants/Orioles/Red Sox 1952-1972     = 3000 Points
Larry Doby Indians 1947-1959                      = 3000 Points
Mel Ott Giants 1926-1947                          = 3500 Points
Brooks Robinson Orioles 1955-1977                 = 3500 Points
Rollie Fingers Athletics/Padres/Brewers 1968-1985 = 3500 Points
Juan Marichal Giants 1960-1975                    = 3500 Points
Gaylord Perry Giants/Indians 1962-1983            = 3500 Points
Tom Seaver Mets/Reds 1967-1986                    = 4000 Points
Jim Palmer Orioles 1965-1984                      = 4000 Points
Joe Morgan Astros/Reds 1963-1984                  = 4000 Points
Pee Wee Reese Dodgers 1940-1958                   = 3500 Points 
Bob Feller Indians 1936-1956                      = 3500 Points
Whitey Ford Yankees 1950-1967                     = 3500 Points
Early Wynn Senators/Indians/White Sox 1939-1963   = 3500 Points
Eddie Mathews Braves 1952-1968                    = 4000 Points
Warren Spahn Braves 1942-1965                     = 4000 Points
Jimmie Foxx Athletics/Red Sox 1925-1945           = 4000 Points
Roy Campanella Dodgers 1948-1957                  = 4500 Points
Lou Gehrig Yankees 1923-1939                      = 4500 Points
Honus Wagner Pirates 1897-1917                    = 4500 Points
Walter Johnson Senators 1907-1927                 = 4500 Points
Cy Young Red Sox 1890-1911                        = 4500 Points
Satchel Paige Indians/Browns/Athletics 1948-1953  = 4500 Points
Ty Cobb Tigers 1905-1928                          = 5000 Points
Babe Ruth Red Sox/Yankees 1914-1935               = 5000 Points
Jackie Robinson Dodgers 1947-1956                 = 5000 Points
Billy Williams Cubs 1959-1976                     = 2500 Points
Al Kaline Tigers 1953-1974                        = 2500 Points
Ferguson Jenkins Cubs/Rangers 1965-1983           = 2500 Points
Phil Niekro Braves 1964-1987                      = 2500 Points
Lou Brock Cardinals 1961-1979                     = 3000 Points
Catfish Hunter Athletics/Yankees 1965-1979        = 3000 Points
Luis Apraricio White Sox/Orioles 1956-1973        = 3000 Points
Harmon Killebrew Senators/Twins 1954-1975         = 3500 Points
Orlando Cepeda Giants/Cardinals 1958-1974         = 3500 Points
Rod Carew Twins/Angels 1967-1985                  = 3500 Points
Willie Stargell Pirates 1962-1982                 = 4000 Points
Mike Schmidt Phillies 1972-1989                   = 4000 Points
Robin Yount Brewers 1974-1993                     = 4000 Points
Willie McCovey Giants 1959-1980                   = 4500 Points
Reggie Jackson Athletics/Yankees/Angels 1967-1987 = 4500 Points
Yogi Berra Yankees 1946-1965                      = 4500 Points
Nolan Ryan Mets/Angels/Astros/Rangers 1966-1993   = 4500 Points
Bob Gibson Cardinals 1959-1975                    = 4500 Points

Barry Bonds:
Barry Bonds may have been kept out of this game by withdrawing himself from
the MLBPA, but his replacement, fantasy player "Jim Dowd", has all his attributes.
Simply go to Roster Management and choose Jim Dowd (he's easy to find: he's the 
best player on the Giants, and one of the best players in the game). Edit the player's
name to "Barry Bonds", his number to 25 and his hand to lefty. Edit his features to 
appear less like a random white guy and more like the famous slugger.

Unlimited MVP points:
Select dynasty mode and choose the Yankees. Turn off injuries, trades, rain outs, and
budget. Set the difficulty on MVP. Simulate to the last game of each month. On that 
game, choose to simulate it (not quick sim; choose "Play" then "Sim"). 
Stop the simulation at the top of the ninth inning and choose to manage the remainder 
of the game. Do this for every month for the rest of the season. When the season ends,
and you see "Advance To Playoffs", save the dynasty. Then, choose "Advance To Playoffs".
Each time it will show your points earned.(about 13,000 to 17,000). Do not save after 
this. Exit dynasty mode, then keep re-entering and choosing "Advance To Playoffs". 
Each time you do this, you will get that same MVP point amount put into your profile. 

Getting good players:
* If you start a dynasty and choose "Fantasy Draft", put the order as you first. Next,
  set difficulty level to "Rookie". Then, enter the draft and select either Jon Dowd 
  (a.k.a. Barry Bonds) or Albert Pujols. Once you get to your next pick, there should
  be either A-Rod, Prior, or Mulder at the top of he list. Note: If you want A-Rod or
  Prior, this trick works about 40% of the time. 
  If you want Mulder, this trick usually works about 60% of the time.

* To get a very good batting order start out with any team. Next, go to the rosters 
  and into create a new player with ordinary stats at first base. Sign him and go 
  into edit player screen. Edit him to the maximum points. Go into transactions and
  get whoever desired. Note: This trick only works on one player a time.

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