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  Hints and Tips for: MPV Baseball 2005 
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 MPV Baseball 2005 Cheats

MPV Baseball 2005

Create a Player Unlockables:
These codes are entered as the first and last name when you create a player.
First code in "" is the  first name and second code in "" is the last name.
Credit goes to five of mvpmods for finding these codes.

Code                    Effect
"KATIE" "ROY"       - Unlocks all MVP Rewards
Keegan Paterson     - Player with huge bat
Jacob Paterson      - Player with huge bat
Isaiah Paterson     - Player with huge bat
"NEVERLOSE" "SIGHT" - Unlocks the Green Jersey 
                      (a.k.a The St. Patrick's Day Jersey) 
                      for the Boston Red Sox

More broken bats:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named Mark Curran, Les
Kram, or G Clark (case-sensitive). 

Bad hitter:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named erik kiss 
(case-sensitive). The player will have a skinny bat that will break every time
and send a little dribbler to the pitcher for a sure out. Also, you cannot bunt
with him; it will just go foul. 

Easy grand slam:
Trade all fast players like O. Cabrera, Ichiro, and Carlos Beltran to one team.
Create the the jacob paterson player and sign him. Then, put the fast players as
the first three hitters and the slugger as the number four batter. Have the first
three players bunt. While this happens, take control of the other team so they 
cannot throw the ball. All of the fast players will be on base and the slugger 
will be up. Most of the time he will hit a grand slam.

Easy strike outs:
Either throw curveballs down and out of the strike zone or to throw a slider that
will curve outward form the batter. Note: This may not work as well against well 
disciplined hitters, such as Albert Pujols. 

Easy saves:
After your starter has pitched six innings and your team is winning, no matter 
what the score, put in your closer in the seventh inning. Have him pitch the 
rest of the game.

Steal home easily:
Create a player that has 99 to100 in everything. Bunt to get to first base, then
lead off as much as possible. Choose to steal third base just before you get to 
the base choose home plate. The third baseman will not throw it to home plate and
you will be safe.

Easy MVP points:
In dynasty mode, after simulating a season and before you go to the playoffs, save
the game. Then, keep reloading it. This will give you a lot of MVP points.

Tinker Field:
Spring Training Stadium Three is in reality Tinker Field in Orlando, Florida. The
football stadium past the outfield the Citrus Bowl, home to the University of Central
Florida's Golden Knights, and the 2004-2005 season Capitol One Bowl.

Argue calls:
If you argue with Joe Torre at any intensity level, even none, he will be ejected.
Do not argue with him unless it is at the end of the game.

Renamed players:
Every non-created player that has the number 86 is a player in real life. For example,
the Red Sox's first baseman Anthony Friese #86 is actually Kevin Millar #15. 

Hidden image:
Play at Oriole Stadium and hit with a left-handed hitter. Intentionally miss, then 
change views to see the pitch from above. Look directly over home plate to see a 
face. Pause game play and look carefully to find it.

Babe Ruth reference:
After winning the Home Run Showdown, your player will point up like Babe Ruth did 
before his famous home run.

Owner Mode: Promotional days:
The best time to schedule promotional days in Owner mode are the first game of the
season, the first game of each series, every game for rivalry series, and the final
game of the season.

Easier trades:
*If you cannot get an All-Star or top prospect with a player for player trade, go to
 free agents. Then, sign the top free agent available and offer the same trade along
 with the free agent to have a better chance at coming to terms with the CPU. 
*Use the following trick to get players like Ichiro, Beltre, Pujols, etc. Choose good
 players on your team to trade for them. Edit they players so that they have a five 
 star career potential. When you go to trade, have all three of your players (pitchers
 work best) and the player that you want. With the other two slots open to come to your
 team, select the two worst players on their A team. The CPU will accept the trade about
 70 of the time.
*If you do not want someone on your team, trade them and two players from Triple-A.
 This will always work.

Creating good players for low pay:
When creating a player, leave his bio, equipment, looks, hot zones, and batter tendencies
alone. Set all of his batting and fielding stats to zero. Do the same with pitchers, but 
also make their pitches bad. Then, sign him to a seven year, $300,000 deal to the MLB. 
Then, edit their stats and make them perfect. This works for owner mode. When their 
contracts are up, release them and make new players. You can make them look however desired
and give them whatever bio you want. Try making them born from July on in 1987 or the year 
that they turn 17.

All Legendary Players:
Save your profile once you have 5,000 MVP Rewards points. Buy a Legendary Player but do 
not save your profile. Add the Legendary Player to a team then save your roster. Then, 
load your profile. You will still have 5,000 points and the Legendary Player will still
be on the team. If you repeat this, you will be able to get all the Legendary Players 
on your existing teams.

Citizens Bank Park differences:
In the actual Citizens Bank Park, the small fence in center field has a fiberglass window
near the top. It is missing from the game. Also the game includes the home run celebrations
from the various ballparks, such as Bernie Brewer going down the slide at Miller Park. 
However they did not include the big bell ringing in the outfield at Citizens Bank Park.

If you want a team with a good stock of cash, then follow these steps. Start Owner mode
with large budget, no suspensions, injuries, CPU trades, and financial advisor. Then 
start a fantasy draft for both players and coaches. Make sure that yoru team is first 
for both. Choose B. Cox, then simulate the coach draft. When you get to the player draft,
chose who you want (not Dowd, Pujols, Thome, Abreu, or any other high-priced player). 
Select in this order: Huff (1B), Mueller (3B), Soriano (2B), any shortstop, Baldelli 
(CF), Holliday (LF), select the first four pitchers in SP and two RP, then simulate. 
When done, go into "Owners Box" and choose "Buy Assets". Enter "Seating Capacity" and
go to level 2. Spend your money on a pizza stand, prospect store, and your last $100,000 
on promotional days for your first, last, and rivalry games. Edit your players so that 
all of your player stats on main menu (pitching, fielding, hitting, speed) are at #1. 
For pitching, raise the stamina. For batting, raise contact and power. For fielding. 
raise fielding to 99 on all starters. For speed, set to at least 79. Simulate your 
season. You should finish with about 95 to 105 wins and $5 to 10 million in your bank.

Easy strike outs:
Start with a curveball or slider either low and away or low and inside. Then, throw 
a four seam fastball low inside or a slider low away. Next, throw a splitter as low 
as possible over the center of the plate. This works most of the time and is better 
with Curt Schilling or Roger Clemens.

Batting mini-game:
To hit to right field, swing late. To hit to left field, swing early. To hit to center
field, swing perfectly.

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