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  Hints and Tips for: MX vs ATV Unleashed 
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 MX vs ATV Unleashed Cheats

MX vs ATV Unleashed

Cheat Codes:
Update by: mujtaba
Submitted by: Haspa

1. Start game 
2. Go into options 
3. Find cheat code menu 
4. Type any of the codes below 

Code           Result
TOOLAZY      = Unlocks everything 
BigBore      = Unlocks 500cc Bike Class 
MiniMoto     = Unlocks 50cc Bike Class 
Couches      = Unlocks all ATV's 
Brapp        = Unlocks all Bikes 
LeadFoot     = Unlocks all Machines Challenge tracks 
PitPass      = Unlocks all Tracks 
HuckIt       = Unlocks all Freestyle tracks 
NotMoto      = Unlocks all Open class tracks 
GoOutside    = Unlocks all National tracks 
IAMTOOGOOD   = Unlocks Pro Physics 
Wannabe      = Unlocks all Pro Riders 
GoInside     = Unlcoks all Supercross tracks 
BrokeAsAJoke = Gives 1000000 Store points 
Wardrobe     = Unlocks all Gear

Easy store points:
The easiest way to build store points quickly is to go to the high point challenge 
in freestyle mode. Once you are driving, try to pull of as many backflip combos as 
you can on every jump. Once finished with the round, you will receive half the 
stunt score in store points, sometimes even getting 100,000 store points in only a 
one minute run. The dirtbikes are slightly easier to accomplish this with. 
To get fast and easy store points, go to single player mode. Do freestyle mode for 
about ten minutes and you should have about 1 million store points. 

Point gaps:
There are hidden tricks within the Nationals tracks that can be found in free ride 
mode. One is in Goblin Gulch. In order to do this gap you must be in free ride mode. 
On one of the big berms on the track is a stone tower. At the bottom of it is a picnic 
table area. Go to the picnic area from the berm. Jump it and you will get a picnic 
gap worth 9,000 points. 

Boston: Easy tricks:
When doing freestyle mode with an ATV or dirtbike, there is a building where you can 
go up the ramps to get reach. When you get to the top, there is a location where you 
can fall off. When you get to the top quickly accelerate. When you fall you get a 
lot of air for tricks. 

When riding an ATV, try landing more on the front of the vehicle. When riding a bike, 
land more on the rear. Doing so prevents that particular vehicle from crashing as 
easily. This is especially useful in freestyle modes. 

Bigger jumps:
To make bigger jumps you can double preload. Double preloading is when you preload 
on the bottom of a face and at the top. Just preload as usual, only preload at the 
very bottom of a jump. Then on that same jump, preload again at the top. This will 
make you go a lot farther. 

MX landings:
Bike physics are extremely important -- for example, when you are in the air. Press 
[Brake] to lean your rider forward somewhat, and press [Gas] to lean him back. If you 
are going 50 mph or more in the air and are going to land on a flat surface, do not 
release the gas. Doing so when landing will prevent your rider from flying off as 
easily. It has to do a lot with the rider's and the bike's momentum. If you are 
trying to land on a hill, which can be difficult, you must adapt to what part of the 
hill you are landing on. If you are going to land on the face, you must either hit it 
at the same angle, or lean back more. If you are going to hit the top, lean back so 
your back tire hits first. 

Hold in [Gas] + [Clutch]. Hold [Gas] for about five seconds, then release. 
Hold [Down] and the front of the bike or ATV will go up. 

Uphill challenges:
When driving a golf cart on the uphill challenges, the easiest ways to make it is as 
follows. When the green light flashes, quickly accelerate. Run into the other golf 
carts to knock them off the mountain or hill. 

Hill climb:
When doing a hill climb, to get more traction lean back all the way up . You should 
blast up the hill. 
If you start to lose power on the hill climb, tap the clutch to get more power.

Land no handed:
To land no handed on an ATV or a moto bike, do not get too much air. Only do this at 
the Super Cross or Nationals as you cross the finish line or something. Do a no hander 
and hold it. Try to land on all your tires. This will require practice. 

Plane vs. helicopter:
Have a friend in a plane chase you in a helicopter. Go to the corner of the map. Just 
before you get blown away, have your friend come after you. If he misses you, he will 
get blown away. Dive down for a better chance for him to miss.

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