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  Hints and Tips for: My Big Sister 
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 My Big Sister Cheats

My Big Sister

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievement Guide:
Written by Ang

Here is a run through of the achievements and how you can get them. Enjoy! 

-=Yummy Noodles
Eat some scrumptious noodles at the noodle shop in the marketplace. 

-=You chose the Brain? 
Choose the brain for the therapist I presume. 

-=You chose the Doll?
When in the Therapist's Office, choose the Doll 

-=I'm sorry Sombria 
Talk to Sombria when in the Therapists Office after choosing the Brain. 

-=She's too innocent to do anything! 
Have a talk with a Ashina in the bathhouse. 

-=Is that a JIT reference? 
Check the brochure rack on the receptionists desk in the Therapists Office 

-=Asking for help? 
Ask the Butcher about the dead koi fish in the restaurant. 

-=Talk of the Town 
Talk to all of the residents in the slums. 

-=It's just a sink... great 
Check the sink in the restaurant. If that doesn't work then you will need 
to check the sink in your own home as well as the sink in the restaurant 

-=I want candy 
Cut down the Butcher's Head free and then take the knife into the sauna/shower 
room and do as the Sombria says, then return to the butcher and collect the 
candy bar on the counter. 

-=Make sure you return it after you use it 
Use the key to unlock the door before returning it to the owner. 

-=Mushrooms make you grow bigger! 
Present a mushroom to Mudo the Yokai at the Noodle House in the Forest. 

-=Noodles will appease the spirit 
Present the Forest Spirit with a bowl of noodles. 

-=My neighbor Somboro 
Present the leaf you obtain after giving Somboro the Mushroom then put the 
leaf on Sombria's Head 

-=I'm so hungry 
Dont Feed Sombria Mushrooms when she is hungry.

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