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  Hints and Tips for: My Little Farmies 
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 My Little Farmies Cheats

My Little Farmies

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Animals, Pens and Pen Items:
Written by HellRabbit

Everything you want to know about animals, pens and pen items. 

-=How do I get grown animals?=-
Once you have placed a purchased or bred young animal in a pen, it'll take 
a little while for it to be fully grown. You can check out the remaining time
by hovering your mouse-pointer over the respective animal. The timer will 
count down automatically, but each time you feed or tend to your animal, the
remaining running time will be slightly reduced. Thus, if you take good care
of your young animals, you make sure they will grow faster. You should sell 
grown animals to make money. Some animals will, however, produce goods 
themselves, as soon as they are grown, so keeping them might be a good idea 
in this case.

Please note that each animal will be able to produce only a predetermined 
amount of goods in total. Hens, for instance, will only lay a total of 15 
eggs - afterwards they won't be able to lay any further eggs.

-=What are animal levels?=-
All young animals purchasable in the shop, are at level 1. Once you start 
breeding animals, you'll see how high your chances are of receiving a higher 
level animal. You'll be able to increase this chance after starting a breeding, 
by giving your animals fertility feed, or by upgrading the barn. Thus, you'll
 be able to gain more and more higher levels animals step by step. The higher 
the level of goods-producing animals, the shorter their production times. 
The maximum animal level is 10.

-=What's the use of having content animals?=-
If you take care of your animals on a regular basis, and click on the icons to 
feed and tend to them, their satisfaction will increase. You can also place
 workers in your pens, to take care of this for you. Click on an animal or hover 
your mouse pointer over it, to find out how content it is. The higher your 
animal's contentment, the higher your proceeds when selling it. If your goods-
producing animals are content, chances are higher they will produce bonus goods.

-=Which pen can I place my animal in?=-

The type of pen you need to use depends on the species of animals you want to 
place there. Chickens and rabbits, e.g., need a 'pen for small animals'. Also 
consider if you want to buy a small or large pen. In the shop, you'll be able 
to see how much space each pen will give you, and how much space each animal needs.

-=What's the use of pen items?=-
Pen items have various advantages:

Feeding and watering troughs let you feed and tend to all your animals at the 
same time - plus, you'll get more experience points on top.
* A manger makes young animals grow up faster.
* A resting place will let your animals produce goods faster.
* A barn allows you to breed animals inside the pen.

-=Costs/Filling of troughs=-
Small pen:
Rabbits - 1,150 thalers or 3 gold
Chickens - 2,750 thalers or 6 gold

Medium pen:
Goose - 2,000 thalers or 4 gold
Sheep - 775 thalers or 2 gold

Large pen:
Pig - 1,500 thalers or 3 gold
Cow - 3,150 thalers or 7 gold

-=Can I place an endless amount of animals in a pen?=-
No, you may only place a limited amount of animals in a pen.

Per pen you may place the following amount of animals:
10 Rabbits 
10 Chickens 
8 Geese
8 Sheep 
8 Pigs
8 Cows

-=Why is this the case?=-
Animals love space. Even though there might be place for some more, we've decided 
that we don't want to serve as an example for intensive livestock farming. And, 
please keep in mind that My Little Farmies is playing in a medieval setting after

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